July Promotion and Social Media Ideas

Here is a list of “holidays” you can get creative with posts on social media! Some ways you can promote: July 4th promotions Discounts on massage, or partner with a local massage therapist Shark Week specials Company picnic/BBQ Summer safety tips Health benefits of massages Vacation tips Beach-goers checklist Month: National Blueberry Month National Anti-Boredom[…]

May Promotion and Online Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Looking for some online marketing ideas for small business? Use these ideas for May promotions and social media posts as different ways to market your business: Offer free seminar for employees at a local public service office Graduation party yard prep/cleanup Charity bike ride Gluten-free recipes Graduation gift guide Teacher appreciation day – May 2[…]


Here are some ideas to help you generate social media and promotion ideas in MARCH: Spring cleaning promotions Discounts on green-colored items Youth art contests Basketball-themed promotions Tax preparation tips Prom ideas and tips Publish a spring cleaning theme ebook March is Awareness month for: Brain Injury Youth Art Irish American Month Music in Our[…]