Someone posted an inappropriate photo on my Facebook, how do I get rid of it?

First, know this – a lot of  people assume if an inappropirate photo shows up on their Facebook timeline, it means they were hacked.  Rest easy, in most cases you were not.  What usually happens is that you received a friend request at some time, from someone you didn’t know, and you accepted it.  Then[…]

What to do when a friend tells you they got a second friend request on Facebook

First – don’t overly worry, most likely you weren’t “hacked”.  Meaning someone didn’t have to steal your Facebook password or anything like that. Scammers will do this sometimes.  They send you a friend request which you accept.  Then, if your friend list is visible, they will save your profile image.  They open a new account[…]

We’ve talked about scheduling Facebook, scheduling blog posts, but did you know…

You can schedule GMail emails!

I use GMail almost exclusively for my personal and dance use.  But I never searched to see if there is a way to schedule emails to send later (almost like a drip campaign).  If you’re read other posts, you know I like to pre-schedule often, to make best use of my time.

But I did this weekend, and found it!

If you use Firefox or Chrome (and Chrome is my preferred browser), you can install […]

How do I deal with people causing problems on my Facebook page?

I recently offered advice to someone needing help with a person who was causing big problems on their Facebook business page.  Their page has over 6,000 likes, but they were worried that they would have to shut it down due to these couple of people (who had caused problems at their physical location the weekend before to the point that the sheriff was called and they were removed from the property.)  They had turned off ability for anyone to comment on the page, but that isn’t really what you want in social media.

Here is the advice I gave: […]

How to use Shareaholic to help distribute your articles

I wanted to provide a bit more of a step-by-step of how to use Shareaholic to help distribute your website articles or information in social media outlets.

First, you would want to download the browser extension from the Shareaholic website.  After you get that installed, you will have a green icon on your toolbar in Google Chrome, shown below… […]

Let Technology & Social Media Work for You – Social Media Marketing Plan

[Includes download link for my social media marketing PLANNING CALENDAR] Here’s exactly how I develop my online and social media marketing plan – and you can learn my system free! If you’re like most people, you don’t have time to sit down every day and think of a blog post, or a tweet, or a Facebook[…]

It doesn’t have to be from someone they know – just not from you

Most mornings when I drive to work,  I listen to Gene and Julie (and the other Julie, who I used to think was named Jaleta Hardy … but that’s another funny story) on 103.7 Lite FM in DFW.  Every now and then I hear them talk about various businesses or services they have used – it might be carpet cleaning or a diet program or eye drops.

I don’t know Gene and Julie (although after nine months of listening to them on the radio I feel a bit like I do) – have never met them – and the cynical advertising-guru side of me KNOWS that these things are “advertisements”.  But the way they’re presented sounds just like Gene and Julie have used the products (which they might very well have) and are giving you their personal opinion about it.  How is that different than a traditional advertisement?  Because it’s not the company saying it – it’s Gene and Julie.

Something else:  I’m an AMAZING AND AWESOME […]