How to Set Up a Basic and Highly Effective Sales or Marketing Funnel

Learn The Basic Concepts of a Marketing Funnel & How It All Fits Together!

Learn the most common mistakes that can cost your business new customers.  I’m taking years of experience helping businesses develop their marketing and sales funnels and boiling it all down to the basic pieces you need to know before you being developing your own.


When I was beginning to set up my own very first marketing and sales funnel, I knew there were probably pieces missing. I also knew I had a lot of pieces that could be used in different places, but I wanted a simple explanation of how to put it all of my pieces together.

So I did a lot of research and testing, the results of which is what I’m going to be sharing with you.

This short training gives you an overview of a standard marketing funnel setup so that you can understand the steps of the process and begin planning your lead generation system.

This training is for you if

  • You’re a business owner and want to know how all the segments of a funnel fit together,
  • You don’t even know where to start,
  • You already have a basic funnel in place but want to understand more to be able to improve it, or
  • You want to make sure you aren’t wasting time, effort or money in any of the segments or pieces

What you will learn

  • The different segments of the basic sales process and how they coordinate into a sales or marketing funnel,
  • Specific tactics and tips you can use for each segment,
  • How efforts you are already doing can fit together into a successful funnel, and
  • The pieces that most businesses miss that can make their funnel ineffective and result in lost time, money and sales



As promised in the video, you can access some of my most-sought-after PDFs for marketing funnels:

These include:

  • Plugging the Leaks in Your Marketing Funnel
  • 12 Ways to Optimize Your Full Funnel
  • My Favorite Funnel Resources – outlines free and low-cost options for several parts of your funnel
  • Webinar Training Notes – if you want to use a note sheet with easy fill-in-the-blank sections


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Project Description

Your project will be to participate in the course discussion.

Before You Start

I’m interested to know, and I would like you to comment in the discussion area below, and give me a quick overview of:

  • What pieces of your funnel you think you already have, things you already have that you can use
  • What do you think you’re missing
  • What do you hope to learn from this overview?

Before You Finish:

You’ve completed the overview, and have learned about the seven different segments of the average sales or marketing funnel, some things you want to avoid, and general tactics that can be used at different stages.

Now I would like to know, which pieces do you still need help setting up? I base my future trainings upon what students and clients have requested help with, so please add your thoughts and comments in the discussion area below.

So that we can all learn from each other, share something you learned that you plan to implement, or something that you want to learn about more.

Also please be sure to comment on other students’ discussions because we all have a wealth of knowledge to share.

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