January 24, 2017

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FREE trainings are moving to our course login page and you can find several more options there.


3 by 3 Marketing Matrix: next-level marketing with this one-page marketing plan template

Vicky Wu designed this 3 by 3 Marketing Matrix™ for her clients to easily establish a system of continual improvement in their marketing.

This matrix is designed to be a one-page document that is used daily and changed often. Vicky has developed this plan over 30 years of marketing for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

There is so much confusing information available today about what marketing you should be doing that it can be overwhelming. This matrix is an easy way to quickly laser focus on new marketing tactics to use in your business, while keeping a tight grip on both budget and time.

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Measuring Online Marketing: 7 Stats to Determine if You Spent Wisely (with examples)

If you are doing social media marketing or online marketing for any type of business at all, whether it’s a business that you do on the side because you enjoy and want to make a little extra money, you’re a full-time entrepreneur, or your job is doing marketing, being able to determine if the places where you have invested time or money is important.

If marketing isn’t resulting in paying clients, it’s could be a waste of time and money. But understanding which things to track and measure, and whether those numbers are good, can be confusing. Measuring online marketing can be as simple as a few steps that will give you a quick overview of the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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Hashtag Marketing for Beginners: Easily Boost Your Online Presence

Become a Hashtag Marketing Guru (and get the certificate to prove it!) Learn the strategies for using hashtags in your marketing using the same methods Vicky Wu has been using in the marketing of hundreds of businesses. This course will walk you through the basics you need to understand to begin developing your hashtag strategy.

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Below is an additional list of free how-to trainings which have not been moved to the new system, covering multiple topics in marketing, business, and life so that you can learn how to do it yourself while having access to our years and years of experience!.

We add new trainings regularly, and you never want to miss an opportunity!

Youtube Guru-ization

Learn how we achieved a 1900% increase in leads

How to optimize your YouTube videos so that you get found online. This process has allowed clients to greatly expand the number of video views and the number of leads!

Marketing Funnel Training

Learn the basic concepts of a marketing funnel & how it all fits together

This short training gives you an overview of a marketing funnel setup so that you can understand the steps of the process and begin planning your lead generation system.

Time Chunking

Easiest time management system - ENJOY life and remain LASER FOCUSED on your goals

This one simple time management concept has allowed me to switch from 80+-hour work weeks to working 40 hours or less and being more efficient and having a better work/life balance.

Taming Your Inbox

The EASY way to get your email inbox under control and KEEP it organized!

This training walks you through the exact steps I used to take my inbox from a ridiculous 60,000 unread messages to a small fraction of that - and stay on top of it so it never gets out of hand again!

Healthy Habits

Easy ways to increase your WATER intake

Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated, alert, and performing at your best. Here are the tips of how I arrange things so that I am more likely to get my full amount of water each day.