Here’s a tip to make the most out of your Facebook personal profile to help showcase your business

Go to Facebook and click on your own name to bring up your own personal timeline.

Under the left side, under “Intro”, what does it show?

Is the first listing a direct link to your own Facebook business page?  If not, follow the instructions below.

Here’s what tends to happen

  • You change jobs, and you forget to update your career, so your former employer still shows up.
  • Or, you changed the career section but you put a start date older than the start date of another job, so the one Facebook thinks is “newer” is at the top.  (On my image shown, both positions are “current” but the dance has an earlier start date, so the “newer” job is on top).
  • Or, especially in the case of franchisees or independent contractors, you linked your profile to a business page that your employer has set up rather than your own.  This is great for giving your employer recognition and awareness – but it is ideal when you can recognize your own.

You want to give your own current endeavors the awareness that can help boost your business.

Here’s how you can fix it

  • Click on “About” under your cover photo, then click on “Work and Education” on the left.
  • Either click “Add a workplace” then navigate to your Facebook business page and select it; or
  • If your business page is already connected but you want it to bump to the top of the list, change the start date of another entry (click on “options” on the right then “edit”) to be before the start date you show for your business page.  Facebook shows the newest entry on top.  (You could change your business page to have a later start date – but then it will show people that you’ve been working there less time than you really have, which may not meet your marketing or branding goals).
  • Be sure to save changes.

If you’re concerned about people on your business page seeing your personal profile

Don’t be.

That’s the whole point of a business page, to be able to keep your business separate from your personal life (plus a lot of other great features to help your business marketing).

People who are your friends on your personal profile can see your business page.

People who have liked your business page can NOT see your personal profile – or at least they can only see those items that are public if they go seek out your profile.  The two are not linked in any real visible way to the people who are only connected to the business page (unless you manually post things to link them to your personal profile).