Facebook status tips

In addition to posting status updates consistently, there are a few other tips for your postings on Facebook: Attach a photo.  A status update with a photo included are five times more effective. Attach a video.  A status update with a video included are ten times more effective. Stay away from only including links – […]

Consistency is the key in all marketing, including social media

Like in any advertising or communication plan, consistency in getting your message and your name out is key. For my own work, I’ve developed a social media planning calendar (updated October 2017) – an Excel spreadsheet with columns for an entire year.  I based this upon similar traditional marketing calendars that I’ve made myself in the […]

How to set up a Facebook business page

Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages (it will ask you to log in if you haven’t yet) Near the top, to the right, click the “+ Create Page” button Click on the “Local Business or Place“. (You almost ALWAYS want this one if you do local business, so that fans can find you!)  Then fill in the information: […]

The ugly truth

I have to admit, I am not a fan of those free-standing black signs with fluorescent letters that have cropped up everywhere.  You know the ones I mean:  I counted as I drove home last night, and there were no less than seven of these signs in a three-block drive down the street! Partial list […]

More about Pinterest for marketing

Pinterest has quickly grown to be the 3rd largest social networking site, behind Facebook and Twitter.  My own Pinterest profile has quickly grown to 59 followers without me spending any time or effort attempting to actually GET followers.  This also doesn’t count the number of people who have repinned some of my pins without “following” […]

Basic Tips on Using QR Codes Effectively for Your Marketing

marketing with qr codes

QR codes have been around for years now, and they can be a convenient way to share information with your customers and prospects. That is … if you use them efficiently. Here’s our tips: 1.  Don’t use QR codes in emails. How are QR codes used?  Basically people take a picture of them with their […]