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Great Time Chunking resources:

Tony Robbins on the power of time chunking:

Tony Robbins video  who knew a workout was so hard?

Weekly time chunking

Difference to Pomodoro technique

Things you can chunk together for productivity:

Article on how to get stuff done:

Two different ways to chunk

Chunking by physical area.

In this method – you take all the tasks associated with one physical area and chunk them together. So all the tasks in the kitchen are chunked together, all the tasks in the office, all the tasks in the bathroom, etc.

Physical area chunking is the most effective when it comes to housework and managing organizational activities or those things related to travel or working in different physical areas. It’s less effective when you’re working in an office, when all your activities are classified as ‘work’.

Chunking by task discipline.

In this method – you take all of the tasks associated with one type of activity and chunk them together.  So all tasks that are similar in nature are chunked together.

Discipline chunking is the most effective when it comes to repetitive tasks that are similar in nature that you would encounter in a business setting.

Some examples of areas that you could chunk your time together:

  • Communication – emails, letters, writing blog posts, copywriting, editing, etc
  • Administration – accounting, reporting, statistics, etc
  • Financial – invoicing, collections, banking, estimates or quoting, expenses, etc
  • Creation – designing, developing, working with your hands, drawing, painting, etc
  • Growth – marketing, connecting, social media, networking, etc