4 ways to keep your marketing consistent when outsourcing

Outsourcing is a HUGE benefit for most businesses that do not need a particular staff position full-time but still have a use for that expertise when they need it. That’s why our tagline is the marketing you need, only when you need it. In some cases, you have to look in 10 different places to […]

Why “incremental improvement” of your marketing can sometimes be total crap

3 Simple Questions to Improve Every Project I am a HUGE fan of incremental improvement for your business and by extension your business marketing. I have seen first-hand how effective this can be, and the positive results can quickly start to snowball. It also works great for your personal goals! It’s similar to Dave Ramsey’s […]

The one biggest mistake I see businesses make online and how you can avoid it

There is one BIG mistake that I see way too many businesses make online.  This isn’t the very obvious thing like cussing out some customers that everyone would see and know better. This is the seemingly small thing that a lot of businesses do regularly which can turn off your prospects and clients and have […]

[FREE TRAINING] How to evaluate your online marketing

I regularly get asked two big questions about online marketing for a business: What should I be measuring? How do I know if those numbers show that my marketing strategy is working? These are questions I get from my clients, as well as from businesses interested in increasing their online brand presence. This training video (about […]

4 Tips for Hosting a LIVE Video

Okay really more like 20 Tips designed to get you more interaction, which will get your message seen by more people!   I originally wrote tips for Periscope live videos, but many of the same concepts apply to Facebook Live videos as well as other options, so I’ve tweaked the post slightly to share tips […]

How Blue Apron Does Marketing Right [CASE STUDY]

Some of the best practices in marketing are adopted by some of my favorite brands.  This is part of a series on how a few companies are doing it right: Blue Apron If you haven’t heard of it, Blue Apron is a food & recipe delivery service.  You pay a set amount each week, and […]