National Small Business Week

In honor of National Small Business Week, we will be providing 15% off all services ordered and paid in full during NSBW (April 30 to May 6, 2017). #SmallBusinessWeek #NSBW #SmallBusiness #WomenInBusiness Services do not have to be completed during this week to qualify. To receive this discount, contact us to discuss your marketing project […]

Why you keep marketing to them … for YEARS

Make Friends First One of the marketing concepts that I keep repeating for businesses is that you need to think of your marketing beyond getting awareness from prospects, getting those prospects moved to “suspects”, and turning them into customers and making a sale (those would be the major pieces of a traditional sales funnel or […]

Why negative comments online can be good

Everyone has been there.  You think business is going along fine, and then you read a negative review or comment that someone posted about your business online. Awesome! And I’m not being facetious – or crazy! – because even these negative comments can be your friend. Criticism online can be hard to hear, but it […]