[ONLINE COURSE] Hashtag Marketing for Beginners

We are constantly updating our library of online and video marketing training available under the “Do It Yourself” tab of the website. These courses walk you through the information you need to know in an easy-to-understand format and show you exactly how I tie everything together. New to the video marketing training is Hashtag Marketing […]

What special marketing do I have access to that you do not?

special marketing

I had an interesting call today with a prospective client who is working on a project, and what she really wanted to know was what access I had to special marketing options that she can’t access herself. And being honest, I said beyond experience and skill, pretty much everything I (or any other marketing professional) […]

Launch of New Website for Midco Electric

We are excited to help unveil the new website for Midco Electric Supply in Chicago. Below you will see below and after photos. Midco wanted to update their brand appearance online with a basic website, plus have ability for possible future ecommerce integration. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below Before   After […]