Marketing to Generation Z

marketing to generation z

Who is Generation Z? How do you need to be marketing to Generation Z? This is the group born after the Millennials, and they outnumber millennials by at least 1 million.   Gen Z Defined While there is no set age or dates of birth, researchers typically use birth years ranging from 1997 – 2012.   […]

[BOOK REVIEW] The One Thing by Gary Keller and Withjay Papasan

I recently finished a re-read of The One Thing by Gary Keller and Withjay Papasan.  I had read this book once before a couple of years ago, and recently came across it again while unpacking some boxes, so I gave it another quick skim to refresh some of the concepts.  (Am I the only person […]

Using Trending Images in Marketing

This question came up today from a client, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to share again. The client wanted to do some flyers and promotions using Game of Thrones trending images in marketing (which they’ve seen used on social media) and asked my thoughts. Here’s what I said (plus links to […]

How to quickly evaluate your marketing plan

The end of June and beginning of July can be a great time to evaluate your marketing plan and your results so far this year.  You can quickly answer a few questions, and consider any changes for the remainder of the year. You can do a mini marketing audit by asking yourself a few key […]