Behind the Scenes: Our Creative Process on How To Create a Logo

There are a lot of considerations that go into the process of developing a logo for clients. Clients often wonder how to create a logo. We don’t just quickly take a random icon we find online and slap some text on it.  Each pieces goes through a brainstorming, research, creative and development process to insure […]

[ONLINE COURSE] Video Marketing Planning

This video marketing planning online training walks you through our easy process developed to make it simple for clients to quickly and efficiently plan and produce 16 or more videos to use for their video marketing purposes. This is the first course we have uploaded in a multi-course bundle that will teach you what you […]

2 Types of Shared Social Media Content: 1 is Bad for Business

There are two main types of shared social media content which you can be posting to help promote your business – not including memes and videos of cats, both which you probably want to only do sporadically or not at all on your business’ social media sites. One is good for you business.  One is […]