Why Your Business Needs a Crisis Communication Strategy – NOW

It could be something a well-known as a slap at the Oscars. It could also be something seeming small that could blow up into a PR crisis. You never know when and how some bad publicity may occur – so you need to prepare. One of my friends/clients called me today, and has a potentially […]

Two Tips on How to Add Video Marketing to Your Strategy

Quality video content is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and beneficial marketing tools available. The reason why videos are so good for marketing is that the format transcends different media and allow creators to include different narrative components, such as audio, visuals, text and more. Read on to learn more about two helpful tips […]

February Promotion and Social Media Ideas

Looking for some interesting ideas for social media posts and promotions you can share in February?  We have a list of ideas for you: Continue to prepare for first quarter Start thinking about your events for upcoming bigger celebrations including Valentine’s Day, and start thinking of ideas for tying marketing to those holidays a bit […]