4 Reasons to Add a Chat Bot Marketing Strategy to Your Marketing Plan

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Have you considered adding Chat Bots as part of your marketing strategy? There are some really interesting ways chat bots are being used by companies of all sizes, and don’t let the fact that they’re based on technology scare you away – once a bot is set up, it can often run itself seamlessly. One of the BEST reasons any business starts using a chat bot marketing strategy is because it can help their customers. 1.  Chat Bots can improve your customer experience Chat bots […]

Cool Things We Can Help You Do for Marketing on Facebook

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Have you seen other businesses do these things on Facebook and wonder how you can too? We can help!  We are experts at emerging digital marketing strategies including some of the newest features and integrations available on Facebook. Here are just a few ideas and examples: Add a popup Messenger chat bot to your website – check out mine on any page at https://vickywu.us Put your Facebook page reviews on your website (WordPress and others) – check out an example at https://spiritnmore.com Add a profile […]

Important Website Advice for Your Small Business

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I just got off the phone with yet another client with website issues, so I wanted wanted to share some important website advice on red flags for you to watch for with your own web vendor! This client was wanting to redesign their website (doesn’t have a great look), and at the same time lower their monthly cost. Current vendor is charging per lead – around $150-200/month. My client quickly realized, as we were discussing what features she may want on her new site, that […]