How to Supercharge Your Video Marketing

video marketing

Video marketing: everybody does it. Whether you’re a new startup looking to build buzz or an established organization attempting to reinforce your current industry reputation, there’s no better tool than video content for getting your message out there. Yet even though video content is being used everywhere as a marketing tool, pushing all the right […]

June Promotion and Social Media Ideas

June Dates for Promotion Ideas: Weekly Events: Week 1 Fishing Week Week 2 Email Week Monthly Awareness: Aquarium Month Candy Month Dairy Month Fight the Filthy Fly Month National Gardening Week – First full week of month Gay Pride Month National Accordion Awareness Month National Adopt a Cat Month National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month […]

Why Our Brains Love Video Marketing Content

video marketing

Video marketing content is king, and there’s a good reason: we just love watching videos. That’s what makes video content such a killer when it comes to education, training, or marketing. But do you know why we’re all such suckers for good video content? The truth is that our brains just can’t get enough of […]