LinkedIn Updated Profiles and Pages – What Did They Do to Yours?

All of the social media platforms are always making changes (and one of the reasons I always recommend your business have it’s own website and build an email list – because you have greater control). LinkedIn recently did an update which slightly changed both your personal profile and business pages. The changes to your personal […]

Check Your Facebook Page – Templates Changed in August!

If you have never edited your Facebook business page template, or have not done so in a while, Facebook’s most recent update means you need to review your settings now. Those who admin a Facebook business page likely received notice via a popup and an email that the template for your page would be changing […]

When Pay Per Click Advertising Goes Wrong

I’ve been working with a client on search engine optimization for their website, and as part of that, I’m verifying that keywords used in their pay per click ads are optimized with the rest of the website (especially the chosen landing pages). They’ve been running Pay Per Click ads using Google AdWords for a couple […]

Why You Need a Solid Marketing Strategy NOW Before the Economy Slows LATER

Always Be Prepared When you’re a small business, it’s somewhat easier to gain customers when the economy is booming like it is now.  People have more disposable income – or perhaps just feel more stable – and they make more purchases.  This even includes B2B customers. During a stronger economy, businesses don’t have to try […]

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