Google Updated Their SEO Algorithm – Again

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SEO Audit - Search Engine Optimization

If you keep up with the latest news in SEO (like we must do!), you may have seen that Google once again updated their SEO algorithm.  Staying on top of trends is important. Even better is when we are in FRONT of the trends … and having researched this latest update, I’m proud to say that we are!   This update flows along perfectly with the different stages that our search engine optimization flows through for our clients: 1st stage – audit – both the free […]

Why Your Business Does NOT Need a Mobile App

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One of the common requests we hear from businesses is “I want a mobile app.” There are some good benefits of your business having a mobile app. And yes we can help you create a mobile app – anything from basic to complex depending upon your budget and the functionality that you need. However, there are a few things that we always urge a client to consider before jumping into offering a mobile app. Not considering these can easily mean that your results will be […]

Why You Need to Get Your Customers OFF Social Media and Into Your Funnel

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If you remember last year, Facebook and it’s conglomerate of companies – Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp – were offline globally for a total of 24 hours. Not everyone experienced outage, at least not all at the same time.  But during that day, posting and commenting on your personal timeline, on someone else’s post, in groups, on pages, and using Messenger was, at most times, impossible. For businesses that receive a majority of their leads from these social media programs, it was a HUGE wake-up call […]