[FLASH] Instagram Algorithm Updates October 2019

marketing flash briefing

MARKETING FLASH BRIEFING You’ve likely heard people concerned about a sudden a very drastic decrease in the engagement on their Instagram stories … here’s why and what you should do. When there’s breaking marketing news outside of our normal weekly marketing information we’ll be bringing it to you as a marketing flash briefing. First, you […]

#marketU Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

social media marketing bootcamp

Ever felt like all the marketing coaching programs out there are exactly the same? Sometimes what we see, the coach doesn’t really know how they got there, other than a happy accident that they can’t really teach you how to replicate.  So they hire a coach who teaches them their “method”. And then they turn […]

Amazing Tips And Marketing Strategies For Increasing Your Online Presence

online presence

A company’s online presence is becoming more and more important as our daily lives are driven by technology. It’s essential that companies are doing whatever they can to increase web traffic, and this typically means developing some kind of digital marketing campaign. We’re going to talk about the essentials of digital marketing in this article, […]

Employee or Independent Contractor? Here’s What I’ve Seen

employee or independent contractor

A lot of small businesses get it wrong. Is it an employee or subcontractor? Just because you want to do it one way does’t mean that you’re doing it right? I see a LOT of companies fall into this trap – this isn’t strictly marketing-related today, but if you’re running a business it’s something that […]