Entrepreneur Interview: Cyndii Sinex with Chronic Illness Hotline

We are speaking with Cyndii Sinex, founder of the (new) Chronic Illness Hotline. The hotline provides a listening ear for those with chronic illness during the current pandemic and beyond. Chronic Illness Hotline gives a safe place to vent negatives, celebrate positives, practice advocating, build a journey story, set goals, help identify resources, and much […]

Explaining the Latest Conspiracy Theory by using SEO

seo conspiracy theory

Have you seen this theory? Or tried the search? I never thought I’d say this… there’s a conspiracy (or “fake news”) theory going around, that I can completely explain with some of the newest pieces of Google’s search engine algorithm. Even if you’re not into conspiracy theories, understanding how this works is really important for […]

What I’ve Noticed on Amazon – Is It Time for Them to Pivot?

amazon marketing

Amazon has always been the place where you could find almost anything, at a good price (or at least the normal price) and with quick shipping. Anyone could become an entrepreneur who bought wholesale and then sold on Amazon at normal retail prices. I’m seeing a trend moving in a different direction. This can’t be […]