How to Guarantee a Successful Point of Sale Experience

Customers care about their experience they have with your staff and with your online systems. When a customer is in a self-checkout line, they want it to go quickly and seamlessly. They also don’t want to run into issues with staff not knowing how to fix a problem. Your point-of-sale (POS) experience will be the […]

Entrepreneur Interview: Jan Cavelle – Growing to $10M+

Jan Cavelle

PLUS my Marketing Tips for Authors Jan is sharing two great tips for entrepreneurs: Nail your differential Build not just an audience but a following of fans Jan Cavelle is an entrepreneur from the UK who has a few decades of running micro and small businesses behind her including one when she was a single […]

Entrepreneur Interview: Jennifer Neel, Mindset & Business Coach

Jennifer is sharing two tips with us today: 1 – The one activity you need to be doing every day no matter if you’re a Solopreneur or a CEO 2 – What to do when your offer hits a plateau or is not converting Plus what I see in store for marketing in 2022 Known […]

Will a Web Design Course Be Worth the Money? What You Need to Know

web design course

These days everyone on social media is talking about starting their own business. It’s a good idea to head out on your own–as we saw in 2020. But what does it take to be an entrepreneur? Today, most businesses have an online presence on the web. This means that, at some point, you’re going to have […]

5 Bad SEO Strategies You Need to Avoid at All Costs

SEO strategies

Bad SEO marketing will cost you far more than good SEO ever will. The temptation of a quick fix to get a boost in the rankings is always there, but it is one that you need to resist. Poor SEO optimization will do more damage to your site’s overall rankings and your reputation. But what […]