Hiring an SEO expert is a smart move for any business to take who wants to reach their goals and see tangible results and ROI.

High search rankings or conversions are two benefits of outsourcing your SEO to experts. Hiring SEO experts is a smart move for businesses to take in order to reach their goals, which can result in increasing sales.

1. Save Time and Double Your Productivity

Hiring a search engine optimization expert can give you the time you need to focus on doing what matters for your business. If SEO is free or cheap, it might seem like a win-win situation for your company’s bottom line. However, SEO isn’t something that can just be delegated to anyone with half of an interest in marketing or websites. There’s a lot of work that goes into SEO. Just the work it takes to keep up with all of the Google SEO algorithm updates alone means that you need someone who focuses on keeping educated on the newest SEO strategies.

Hiring SEO experts can also make it possible for you to double your productivity by outsourcing this task to the experts while you focus your time on growing your business and working in your area of genius.

2. Expertise, Strategy and Creativity with Your Search Marketing Campaigns

With SEO experts working hand in hand with you to optimize your website and your entire online presence (that part is important!), they’ll be able to provide a lot of expertise on SEO in general plus the type of strategies that would work for your business. They can help you with strategy as well as creativity.

3. More Exposure for Your Business

The internet is an enormous place, which means it’s important to make sure your marketing is holistically set up in order to attract more customers and drive more traffic to your website. Having an SEO team on your side can help make sure that you’re maximizing the potential of your website and getting a larger internet presence with higher search rankings.

4. Increase Traffic and Conversions

One of the main goals of SEO is to work on increasing traffic to your website or blog. Your team can also work on increasing conversions, which is the goal of getting visitors to take action by doing what matters for your business, whether it’s through simply visiting your website to increase awareness, have a custom audience for some retargeting PPC campaigns, or to get more customers to purchase your products or services.

5. Get More Return Customers

The whole goal of SEO is to optimize your online presence to increase awareness, get your website seen by more people, done through better search engine rankings and pushing traffic organically. It’s also beneficial for repeat customers by keeping your website awareness top of mind to encourage them to return.

This is an Example of What SEO Optimization Looks Like

Our clients who are having the best results with SEO are those who we assist with coordinating a holistic approach. As mentioned, SEO is about more than just optimizing your website … it really covers your entire online presence and making sure that you take an integrated marketing approach.

Saved client over $27,000 per year
... by cleaning up negative keywords in their PPC ads.
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Increased monthly revenue by $42,000
... after 3 months of SEO plus saved $2,500 a month
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Moved to page 1 of Google results
... from page 36 of results – all organic with zero ad spend.

SEO can feel overwhelming with all of the technology and constant updates. Hiring an SEO expert can bring many benefits to your business, such as increasing traffic and sales while freeing up some of your precious time. If you are struggling to find success online, it may be because you don’t know what seo is or how seo works for businesses like yours. This blog post will explore 5 reasons why hiring an seo consultant could be a good idea for any entrepreneur who wants to increase their website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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