How to become a Youtube Guru in 8 simple steps

Join us for our “Youtube Guru-ization” webinar

and learn how we achieved a 1900% increase in customer calls

without spending a lot of time or money!

Maybe you already have some videos on Youtube.  Or even a LOT of videos.

Or maybe you’ve just started thinking about adding video to your business marketing.

Either way, you want RESULTS.

marketing results

We’ve all heard how video is THE way to go right now, so it’s pretty important to add it to your marketing mix. You don’t have to be a superstar video director or producer to get guru-level results. But it’s not enough to simply make a video and load it to Youtube and hope that the phone rings.

There are some VERY simple things you can do, both to existing videos and ones that are still in the planning stages, to have your videos found by the people you want to see them.

And I break that down in 8 simple steps that are easy for you to replicate, don’t have to cost you ANY money, and won’t take a lot of time.  You don’t even have to know a lot about video, Youtube, or some of the concepts we discuss such as search engine optimization to be able to follow these simple and effective steps!

Plus, just for attending the training, I will give you a product sheet of my favorite software and hardware for video production plus a video cheat sheet.  That cheat sheet alone has a value of $99 … free just for participating in the training.


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