How NOT to design a “freemium” or “item of value”

Most businesses know that to attract potential customers online or through any digital means, one way you can do it is to provide an item of value or a “freemium” to your prospects. Here’s a recent experience I had related to this process Every day I read about marketing, in an effort to keep up with best practices and trends so that my clients don’t have to.  I’m constantly scanning blogs to learn.  One article

Should I change how my email or newsletter template looks each month?

I got this question recently from two different clients who had both received similar advice.  One was asking about general email templates, and the other about newsletter email templates. Both had basically been advised to change the layout of their email or newsletter each month – change the layout the design and where different parts of the email or newsletter were found – vary the order of things.  Both clients asked me if this is

How to evaluate the services provided by a social media management company

Includes downloadable PDF evaluation form Boost your social media efforts from awareness (good) to a money-making machine (great) I will say this up front – many of you are already doing okay on your social media accounts.  You make posts, you engage with your followers when they make comments. These awareness activities are great and can really help get your business’ name out there and getting to the point where you are engaging fans is

video marketing

6 Steps for 3 Months to 1 Year of Video Content – Video Marketing Strategy

We all know that we need to be doing more video in marketing our business.  But how are we supposed to make that happen when we’re busy doing so many other things to run the business? What you need is a simple video marketing strategy I was meeting with one of my clients the other day about this very topic, and knew it was information I needed to share. Like all things, it helps if

How can I afford a great website for my business?

I get asked this question all of the time How can I afford a great website for my business? And that questions is quickly followed up by other concerns small businesses have … I don’t know how to set a website up I don’t know how to keep a website updated I don’t have the skill to write html or other code for a website I don’t have design experience to make a website look

How much should I spend as my marketing budget?

  I get this question all of the time: How much money should I budget for my business marketing? While it varies depending upon type of business and your business goals, a general rule of thumb is 20% of your revenue. Some small businesses have a fairly steady income from month to month, and so it can be easier to extrapolate a monthly or annual marketing budget by simply calculating 20% of the income for

Do you know the difference between a true professional and someone who just says they are?

Do you know the difference between a true professional and someone who just says they are one? This client could be sued! Technically, if you get paid to do something you can call yourself a pro – at least you’re no longer an amateur.  But that also doesn’t make someone a true professional.  (Pssst:  they’re hoping you don’t find out!) Are you aware of the long-term impact the difference a true marketing professional can make

[BOOK REVIEW] The No Assholes Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t

We all know bullying behavior in the workplace kills morale and productivity.  It’s like a snowball building … it’s never one huge act but a series of small, demeaning acts which begin to permeate throughout the entire company culture.  It affects not only morale, but staff turnover, communication, employee self-esteem and even health.  The true cost (Total Cost of Assholes or TCA) is not just the salary of the Asshole but the impact of all

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