Here are some ideas to help you generate social media and promotion ideas in MARCH: Spring cleaning promotions – you could post or hold an event (online photo contest?) for any business related to homes or cleaning Discounts on green-colored items tied to St. Patrick’s Day Youth art contests – it’s easy to find copyright-free outline images online to use for kids to color Basketball-themed promotions Tax preparation tips – great for CPAs, accountants, and

Upgrade your brand appearance – right in your clients’ hands

Have you ever handed a prospective client a business card and had them say “oooh this is nice”? I’m not saying that’s the ONLY thing that will make them remember you, but every bit helps.  A prospect having such a positive reaction to one of the first things you introduce them to will set the tone for a positive relationship.  It’s all psychological! My newest set of business cards came from Moo and they have premium stock paper.

How Heinz Makes Their Marketing Genius [CASE STUDY]

First, a disclaimer.  This is not the first time I’ve interacted with a Heinz ketchup bottle using my cell phone.  Seems strange? I’ll tell you about that time further below. I know you may find that a bit odd.  But let me tell you why it’s GENIUS. Let’s take a look at how Heinz incorporates many of the same strategies I always recommend to my own clients. Marketing where the customer is This one I

Pinterest update and why you want to start Pinning if you’re not already

Pinterest announced that it has a new search tool for it’s mobile app that allows consumers to perform a “visual search.” The feature is still in beta on the mobile app, but what it will do is let you point your phone at almost anything and then Pinterest will pull up pins related to that item that you may be interested in. Imagine if you are a business and let’s say you sell women’s dresses.  Someone

How’s your marketing shaping up?

It’s about that time when business owners look back at all of their marketing strategies that they said they wanted to do for the year, and find out that they’ve so far accomplished few.   It’s not unusual – and believe me even I fall into this same trap.  It’s like making a New Year’s resolution to exercise more – everyone buys a gym membership in January, and then if you’re still going in February the

Why you don’t need a viral video for your business

How do I make a viral video for my business? Everyone always asks how to make a viral video for business. They believe one viral video is all that they need to propel their company to success. There is no arguing that when a video goes viral, you get a huge viewership number. But making a video viral isn’t just a snap of your fingers.  There are two ways that a video usually goes viral,

How NOT to design a “freemium” or “item of value”

Most businesses know that to attract potential customers online or through any digital means, one way you can do it is to provide an item of value or a “freemium” to your prospects. Here’s a recent experience I had related to this process Every day I read about marketing, in an effort to keep up with best practices and trends so that my clients don’t have to.  I’m constantly scanning blogs to learn.  One article

Should I change how my email or newsletter template looks each month?

I got this question recently from two different clients who had both received similar advice.  One was asking about general email templates, and the other about newsletter email templates. Both had basically been advised to change the layout of their email or newsletter each month – change the layout the design and where different parts of the email or newsletter were found – vary the order of things.  Both clients asked me if this is

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