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3 by 3 Marketing Matrix Training Over years and years working with small business entrepreneurs of all sizes, one big thing I found is business owners are spending more time and money on just trying to figure out their marketing. And when they aren’t able to do all those things everyone is telling them they should do, they feel GUILT at not being able to get it all done. But that’s wrong! My process allows you to focus only on those things that work for […]

Favorite gig sites for freelancers

Since I’ve had a few friends request this, many of our freelancers also use a selection of websites for additional gigs.  I asked them to compile their favorites.  Some of these have permanent staff positions (part time/full time), some are gig-based, some have a combination. Here they are: Just added:  https://remoteworkhub.com We Work Remotely Power to Fly – geared towards women in technical jobs but includes others Working Nomads (site no longer working) Skip the Drive Angel.co – startup jobs, be sure to choose location = […]

15-second marketing tip: kill them with kindness

15-second marketing tip:  kill them with kindness

15-second marketing tip: Big Hairy Audacious Goals

15-second marketing tip:  Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Social engineering and why I won’t do the “bucket list” posts

You’ve seen the posts on Facebook, a friend posts something like this list that probably contained 50 items: I don’t do these much, but this one looked like fun! Bucket List – You’ll be surprised at the responses! This was fun! Been Married – yes Been divorced – yes Fell in love – Yes ….. Or any of the similar posts.  And they want you to copy it and do the same. Let me tell you why I DON’T participate. When a lot of people think […]

What “how to” video do you want to see?

Whether it’s marketing in general, social media, tips & tricks, or something more specific, what do you wish you could easily and quickly learn how to do? Post your ideas below and we will work on adding them to our how-to pages!

15 second marketing tip: how to introduce your videos

15 second marketing tip: how to introduce your videos Subscribe to more 15 second marketing tips with Vicky Wu your Marketing Guru at https://vickywu.us/15seconds

15 second marketing tip: giving items of value

15 second marketing tip: giving items of value to your prospective customers Subscribe for more marketing tips at https://vickywu.us/15seconds