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[FLASH] Google SEO Algorithm Updates November 2019

Marketing FLASH briefing – there was a BIG impact this week around SEO … I’ll tell you what it is and if you need to worry. Around November 8th, Google pushed out an algorithm update that has hit people with the biggest impact since the 2012 Penguin update (remember how that one impacted your site?); and is said to be the biggest update to how sites are ranked since the RankBrain update in 2015. I always recommend that website owners don’t freak out and start […]

holiday marketing ideas

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas

As we all know, the time between Black Friday and Christmas are the biggest shopping days of the year for almost all businesses. We’ve done a few podcasts of ways to prepare your business for upcoming holiday marketing (you can watch those episodes below); and today I’m giving you 5 steps for your holiday marketing plus a bonus specifically for social media. Step 1 Keep Your Promotions Simple Most important is to keep things simple – for your clients and for yourself! When I can, […]

annual marketing planning

Develop Your Marketing Plan for Business Growth in 2020

When’s the best time to plan for 2020? Now!  We’re helping clients gear up for a growth-oriented 2020!  And we have three options developed with you in mind. Do It Yourself Video Training: Planning Your 2020 Digital Marketing (FREE) If you’re already solidly comfortable with using social media, and you already have an overall marketing strategy and direction but just need to know a super-efficient way to put it all together. You will have access to the actual planning calendar we use (for ourselves plus […]

marketing technology

One Thing Clients are Always Embarrassed to Admit – Marketing Technology

There’s always something that embarrasses a lot of my clients to admit … and it’s always the same thing. I want to tell you why you don’t need to be embarrassed about it! Technology is confusing. I’ve always said you shouldn’t have to work hard to make your technology work – your technology should be working for you. If it’s not, you have a problem that we can easily fix. Automating a lot of pieces of your marketing is one of the best things you […]

marketing flash briefing

[FLASH] Instagram Algorithm Updates October 2019

MARKETING FLASH BRIEFING You’ve likely heard people concerned about a sudden a very drastic decrease in the engagement on their Instagram stories … here’s why and what you should do. When there’s breaking marketing news outside of our normal weekly marketing information we’ll be bringing it to you as a marketing flash briefing. First, you need to understand what happened. Instagram updated their algorithm to get rid of the automated bots that were doing engagement on stories. Why were there Instagram bots in the first […]

social media marketing bootcamp

#marketU Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

Ever felt like all the marketing programs out there are exactly the same? Sometimes what we see, the coach doesn’t really know how they got there, other than a happy accident that they can’t really teach you how to replicate.  So they hire a coach who teaches them their “method”. And then they turn around and teach you that “method.” Have you ever noticed, the only person who really seems to be getting rich from their approach is THEM? Their advice is great … for […]

online presence

Amazing Tips And Marketing Strategies For Increasing Your Online Presence

A company’s online presence is becoming more and more important as our daily lives are driven by technology. It’s essential that companies are doing whatever they can to increase web traffic, and this typically means developing some kind of digital marketing campaign. We’re going to talk about the essentials of digital marketing in this article, equipping you with the knowledge you need to start laying the foundations of your online presence. Let’s get started. How to Build Your Online Presence Before we get into the […]

employee or independent contractor

Employee or Independent Contractor? Here’s What I’ve Seen

A lot of small businesses get it wrong. Is it an employee or subcontractor? Just because you want to do it one way does’t mean that you’re doing it right? I see a LOT of companies fall into this trap – this isn’t strictly marketing-related today, but if you’re running a business it’s something that you need to understand. I will tell you up front that I am not a lawyer and I am not giving you legal advice – you will always want to […]

Why the Marketing Advice You’ve Received Hasn’t Worked

One of the problems we see most often that our clients have experienced, and that we have talked about before, is that they have been given bad marketing advice in the past. Most of the time, this has not been malicious in nature. It’s been due to the Dunning-Kruger effect. In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize […]

Marketing Rant – I Call BS

I’m going on a marketing rant today … and I call BS Like all successful business people, I study everyone in my industry. And I watch the couple of people that I believe, from my long experience in marketing, understand what they’re doing. Most of these people are in a very small, focused niche. I’ve been following them for years, probably since long before you may have heard of them. Then there’s everyone else. People that I know you’ve heard of. (I don’t believe in […]