Facebook for Business Part 1: Content Best Practices

Facebook for Business Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 68% of Americans use Facebook and that is second only to YouTube among all of the social media platforms. I know that you’ve heard Facebook use is decreasing among younger generations, but the statistics don’t always bear that out. Yes there are other platforms that they’re using, but for the most part Facebook is still number one. And the best thing you can do

SEO user intent

The New SEO Part 3 – User Intent

Part 3 of our series on The New SEO | Part 1 | Part 2 In our journey through the new SEO, we have discussed Google Answer Box, and Voice Search. I’m going to shock you – website traffic doesn’t always matter. This is a topic that I often have people argue with me about. And it’s usually people who aren’t in the marketing or SEO arena and may not understand all of the nuances

The New SEO Part 2 – Voice Search and Question Format

Part 2 of our series on The New SEO | Part 1 Last week, we discussed the Google Answer Box, which overlaps significantly with today’s discussion about Voice search. By January 2018, there was an average of one billion voice searches every month, proving that voice search is on the rise. By 2020, 50% or more of all searches will be done by voice. And 30% of all website sessions will be conducted without a screen. Local SEO already

The New SEO Part 1 – Google Answer Box

Part 1 of our series on The New SEO Some of the changes Google has been implementing over the course of several years, you’ve probably really noticed it more in the past year to year and half, takes what SEO experts that were using as some of the best practices and really expanding upon those strategies. Some of the traditional items of search engine optimization are still important, such as: keywordsmeta descriptionsheading tagsalt tags on

apply for facebook messenger chat messaging

Do I Need to Apply for Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging?

Our clients who are just getting into Facebook Messenger chatbots have been somewhat confused by the recent requirement by Facebook to apply to be able to send some types messages. Not all businesses will need to send messages in the one category that this application process covers. Facebook Messenger chat bot marketing can be a great benefit. If you’ve been exploring the idea or are already using some form of Messenger chatbots already, you probably

Social Media Engagement Benchmarks

I regularly pore through benchmark reports that some of the best companies out there are doing regarding social media. Things can change quickly online and keeping on top of trends is important! I always read more than one, since each covers different industries and uses different companies to make their comparisons and extract data. Rival IQ recently shared their 2018 Social Media Industry Benchmark report, and it’s worth reading not only for the insights they

How Does Your Local Business Get Found Online?

Hint: It May Not Be Traditional SEO 4 Tips to Get Your Local Business Found on Voice Search Traditional SEO of loading up keywords in your meta and articles may not cut it if you have a business with a local presence, no matter whether that business is a traditional brick and mortar location, selling product, or even a business that provides services at the customer’s residence or place of business. I know, you’ve heard

Optimizing LinkedIn for Marketing Your Brand: Part 4

< Part 3: Customizing and Posting Paid LinkedIn Marketing Options for Sales and Lead Generation In the past articles in our series, we have discussed Basics of setting up your LinkedIn profileOptimizing your “About” summary section on your LinkedIn profileand posting on LinkedIn, searching for connections, and groups This week we are wrapping up our four-part series by discussing some of the paid options available for marketing your business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ProFinder One of

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