How to Use Graphic Design to Advertise Your Business

What design you use for advertising can make or break its effectiveness. Your marketing design is the face you are presenting to the world, and if it is seen as old fashioned, cringy, or just poorly done, you won’t attract anyone, much less the specific demographic that you’re hoping for.

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I Just Saw a “Pro” Share this BAD SEO Advice…

I saw a self-proclaimed SEO pro share this really BAD SEO advice … and I cringed. Some days I wonder how some of these self-proclaimed “experts” stay in business with the bad advice I see. Quite often, it’s a prospective client, or an entrepreneur in one of the places I

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Top 10 SEO Scams & Cons

This article from Search Engine Journal was so good, that I felt like I wanted to share it with you (and it has such good info that I have no need to write my own!) Below I’ve shared their list of the top 10 scams that we even see people

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How to Guarantee a Successful Point of Sale Experience

Customers care about their experience they have with your staff and with your online systems. When a customer is in a self-checkout line, they want it to go quickly and seamlessly. They also don’t want to run into issues with staff not knowing how to fix a problem. Your point-of-sale

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