Boomerang browser extension for GMail scheduled emails

I always wanted to be able to use my GMail and schedule emails for later … and now I can.

The Challenge Begins October 29!
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Check the Chrome store, or visit, and download the browser extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari (different addresses for those last two, but you can click a link on the page).

Once installed, you will have a “send later” button added to GMail when using the browser that the extension is added to.  This button will allow you to schedule the email message to send at a time you desire.

This of the uses for this … I can sit down one Saturday and schedule a personal birthday or anniversary message to send to my friends or family.  I can schedule an email “blast” to send out before an upcoming event.  I could schedule a monthly email message to clients.  Handy dandy!

This is free for up to 10 emails per month … but a personal subscription is only $4.99 per month for unlimited emails, and a professional version is only $14.99 per month.  Pricing details are available on their website.

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