[BUDGET SERIES] Our go-to email program for small business entrepreneurs

As part of our budget-friendly series, we are introducing you to some of our favorite tools that are either free or very budget friendly, so that your business can work like the big guys.

Small-Business & Entrepreneur Email

When most businesses think of email, they immediately think of Microsoft Outlook, and there’s a simple reason why.  Traditionally, Microsoft has come bundled with the PC that most small and medium sized businesses purchase, and trial versions of programs such as Microsoft Outlook are usually included.  The most convenient thing to do, after you have already gone through the effort of setting up all of your accounts in the trial software, is to purchase the full version.

Microsoft Outlook can be a great option.  But you can also find free email program alternatives that can perform much the same functions.

Our go-to budget email program is Mozilla Thunderbird.

This program can be downloaded from reputable sites such as CNet, (just search the word Thunderbird) and installed and set up in just a few minutes.

It performs many of the same functions you will be familiar with in a program such as Outlook, including the ability to sort your emails into folders and labels, calendar function, multi-channel chat, plus tons of add-ons and themes from the community.

Plus you can now access a mobile app to take the ease and flexibility of Thunderbird with you in the palm of your hand.

Updated 2016:  some of the newest features are the ability to use the wizard to automatically set up your account(s), obtaining a new email account with just a few clicks, one-click address book add.  Thunderbird is now open-source, which means that an entire community of developers works together to update and add new features.

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