Don’t Cut THIS Business Expense During a Recession!

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don't cut this expense

Part of our Moving Your Business from Survive to Thrive Series Entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking to tighten their belts and trim expenses to weather the recession, which is a solid business practice. I’m doing that and I know you are too. Even if it’s only a few dollars a month, all of those things can add up, as we all know. We’ve mentioned why marketing expenses should be the last thing to cut during a recession (less competition can mean your marketing is […]

Develop Your Marketing Plan for Business Growth in 2020

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annual marketing planning

When’s the best time to plan for 2020? Now!  We’re helping clients gear up for a growth-oriented 2020!  And we have three options developed with you in mind. Do It Yourself Video Training: Planning Your 2020 Digital Marketing (FREE) If you’re already solidly comfortable with using social media, and you already have an overall marketing strategy and direction but just need to know a super-efficient way to put it all together. You will have access to the actual planning calendar we use (for ourselves plus […]

One Thing Clients are Always Embarrassed to Admit – Marketing Technology

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marketing technology

There’s always something that embarrasses a lot of my clients to admit … and it’s always the same thing. I want to tell you why you don’t need to be embarrassed about it! Technology is confusing. I’ve always said you shouldn’t have to work hard to make your technology work – your technology should be working for you. If it’s not, you have a problem that we can easily fix. Automating a lot of pieces of your marketing is one of the best things you […]

How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?

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how much should i spend on marketing

One of the first questions I always get asked by an entrepreneur is, “How much should I spend on marketing?” While it can vary, a good rule of thumb and place to start is that your marketing budget should be 20% of your revenue. This is a standard that I’ve been working with for almost 30 years, and it is still true today although the strategies available for use have changed over the years. Your marketing budget is not limited to advertising A lot of […]

The Importance of Marketing to Your Customers Where They Are

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With 7 Mini Marketing Case Studies One of the most common marketing strategies we always encourage our clients to undertake is making sure that they market to their customers and prospects where they already are. This is actually the very basis of “guerilla marketing” (not to be confused with gorilla marketing), a term coined by Jay Levinson in some of his books relating to the topic, in which companies use inventive ways to present a message. This strategy has actually continued to change and evolve […]

Our Favorite CRM Platform

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I’ve used multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms over the years, both for clients and for my own businesses, and for my small business needs, I’ve found that Dubsado is giving me exactly what I need – lots of features and a great price. A CRM is much more than just a contact list, so I knew what additional features I was needing to reach that “relationship management” piece. My last CRM platform that I left to go with Dubsado did a lot of great […]

Stop! Before You Buy That New Marketing Software, Read This

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One of the problems we see with a lot of clients is duplication of systems, which we have written about before. This most often occurs when you are working with some kind of coach, whether that be a business coach, a coach for a particular type of program, a wellness or abundance coach, or any other kind of coach that might interact with your business. Coaches can help you bring great results to your business, and we have a few that we personally recommend if you’re in need. We also know […]

Why Keeping Your Computer Updated is Critical to Your Business

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This past weekend I took a bit of time to run some routine updating and maintenance on my computer. This is really important for your business, since these updates usually include new security features that can help keep your information safe. If you’re like a lot of small business owners, having your computer crash and losing all of your documents, or it being infected by a virus and corrupting documents or having all of your documents held hostage (which can happen in the case of […]