How to Ask for Online Reviews

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ask for online reviews

Have you ever wanted to collect some online reviews, but you’ve been afraid that even though it seemed the customer had a good experience you just never know what they’re going to say? I’ve got a tip for you on how to make asking for online reviews work great to properly showcase your business. We all always hope that we provide great customer service, and that our customers are happy with whatever product or service they receive. We also know, in reality, there’s going to […]

What About Fake Negative Online Reviews?

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negative online reviews

Can we still trust online reviews? I have, unfortunately, had more than one client come to me about the need to respond to a fake negative online reviews. It seems this is becoming more and more prevalent. And the potential impact is HUGE. All research shows that people trust the online reviews about your business, and are more likely to buy from you if they see good reviews from other people – third parties talking about how good you are, versus you talking about how […]

Why Your Business Needs a Crisis Communication Strategy – NOW

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One of my friends/clients called me today, and has a potentially BIG problem.  Perfect example of why every business needs a crisis communication strategy. I don’t want to call attention to the exact business and blog,and maybe cause the situation to blow up or call attention to the person they have hacking/blackhatting their business (believe me, that’s what the person wants), so I will talk in general terms. Any business can be a target – some are an easier target and some are more “attractive”, […]