The New SEO Part 1 – Google Answer Box

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Part 1 of our series on The New SEO Some of the changes Google has been implementing over the course of several years, you’ve probably really noticed it more in the past year to year and half, takes what SEO experts that were using as some of the best practices and really expanding upon those strategies. Some of the traditional items of search engine optimization are still important, such as: keywords meta descriptions heading tags alt tags on images backlinks website reputation There are a […]

Do I Need to Apply for Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging?

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apply for facebook messenger chat messaging

Our clients who are just getting into Facebook Messenger chatbots have been somewhat confused by the recent requirement by Facebook to apply to be able to send some types messages. Not all businesses will need to send messages in the one category that this application process covers. Facebook Messenger chat bot marketing can be a great benefit. If you’ve been exploring the idea or are already using some form of Messenger chatbots already, you probably already know that Facebook made a change a while back […]

Optimizing LinkedIn for Marketing Your Brand: Part 4

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< Part 3: Customizing and Posting Paid LinkedIn Marketing Options for Sales and Lead Generation In the past articles in our series, we have discussed Basics of setting up your LinkedIn profile Optimizing your “About” summary section on your LinkedIn profile and posting on LinkedIn, searching for connections, and groups This week we are wrapping up our four-part series by discussing some of the paid options available for marketing your business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ProFinder One of the newer items available on LinkedIn is ProFinder, […]

The Marketing Changes I See Coming to MLMs

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You’ve seen the changes on the horizon – how do you plan to change your marketing now to be prepared? If you’re involved in an MLM business or have friends who are, you may have seen information recently on the massive change that Advocare has made to it’s structure – they removed 100,000 distributors and are switching their focus on direct-to-consumer sales. Advocare is NOT the only company who has made a switch in their structure recently. Note: I am not a lawyer and none […]

Do I Really Need (Fill in the Blank) for my Business Marketing?

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I get SO many questions about marketing a business that are along the lines of: “I am working with a marketing coach and she said I must start using Pinterest for my business. I’ve never even been on Pinterest, do I really have to be using it?” “I am working with a social media guru and she said I must start doing a live video at least once a day on my business page. I hate being on video, but I’ve tried a few but […]

Why Your Business Does NOT Need a Mobile App

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One of the common requests we hear from businesses is “I want a mobile app.” There are some good benefits of your business having a mobile app. And yes we can help you create a mobile app – anything from basic to complex depending upon your budget and the functionality that you need. However, there are a few things that we always urge a client to consider before jumping into offering a mobile app. Not considering these can easily mean that your results will be […]

Why You Need a Solid Marketing Strategy NOW Before the Economy Slows LATER

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Always Be Prepared When you’re a small business, it’s somewhat easier to gain customers when the economy is booming like it is now.  People have more disposable income – or perhaps just feel more stable – and they make more purchases.  This even includes B2B customers. During a stronger economy, businesses don’t have to try quite as hard to gain new customers.  More people buying means more people are searching for your product, and business can feel more like “build it and they will come.” […]

What About Fake Negative Online Reviews?

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Can we still trust online reviews? I have, unfortunately, had more than one client come to me about the need to respond to a fake negative online reviews. It seems this is becoming more and more prevalent. And the potential impact is HUGE. All research shows that people trust the online reviews about your business, and are more likely to buy from you if they see good reviews from other people – third parties talking about how good you are, versus you talking about how […]