Explaining the Latest Conspiracy Theory by using SEO

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seo conspiracy theory

Have you seen this theory? Or tried the search? I never thought I’d say this… there’s a conspiracy (or “fake news”) theory going around, that I can completely explain with some of the newest pieces of Google’s search engine algorithm. Even if you’re not into conspiracy theories, understanding how this works is really important for your own website and SEO. There is now a Covid-19 conspiracy theory that I’ve seen quite a few times lately on social media (of course). It says type in any […]

Google SEO Update May 2020 – Our Best Tips

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google seo update may 2020

Google’s done it again. So let’s talk about the latest Google core SEO algorithm update, and how it may impact your search results. This update happened around the beginning of May, and I’ve been watching clients’ website traffic since. I’m going to tell you how to quickly check the impact it may have had on your website traffic; plus some specific tips on what you need to check and change: 1. Check Your Website Traffic To check your own traffic, you want to do is […]

Marketing During Covid-19: 5 Strategies to Use Right Now

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marketing during covid 19

Part of our Moving Business from Survive to Thrive series … this week I’m giving you five specific strategies you can and should be using in your marketing right now (plus a huge tip at the end about how you can pivot to selling online). Pivot Your Messaging Marketing during COVID-19 means you need to consider your messaging during COVID-19. This pandemic has impacted people on a very personal level, even if they haven’t contracted the virus. That stress can be at an unconscious / […]

[FLASH] Google SEO Algorithm Updates November 2019

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marketing flash briefing

Marketing FLASH briefing – there was a BIG impact this week around SEO … I’ll tell you what it is and if you need to worry. Around November 8th, Google pushed out an algorithm update that has hit people with the biggest impact since the 2012 Penguin update (remember how that one impacted your site?); and is said to be the biggest update to how sites are ranked since the RankBrain update in 2015. I always recommend that website owners don’t freak out and start […]

The New SEO Part 3 – User Intent

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SEO user intent

Part 3 of our series on The New SEO In our journey through the new SEO, we have discussed Google Answer Box, and Voice Search. I’m going to shock you – website traffic doesn’t always matter. This is a topic that I often have people argue with me about. And it’s usually people who aren’t in the marketing or SEO arena and may not understand all of the nuances I’m discussing. I’ll tell you what DOES matter: It’s important to understand and consider user intent […]

The New SEO Part 2 – Voice Search and Question Format

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Part 2 of our series on The New SEO Last week, we discussed the Google Answer Box, which overlaps significantly with today’s discussion about Voice search. By January 2018, there was an average of one billion voice searches every month, proving that voice search is on the rise. By 2020, 50% or more of all searches will be done by voice. And 30% of all website sessions will be conducted without a screen. Local SEO already drives around 58% of voice searches. (Data from Forbes). Most businesses aren’t prepared. […]

The New SEO Part 1 – Google Answer Box

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Part 1 of our series on The New SEO Some of the changes Google has been implementing over the course of several years, you’ve probably really noticed it more in the past year to year and half, takes what SEO experts that were using as some of the best practices and really expanding upon those strategies. Some of the traditional items of search engine optimization are still important, such as: keywords meta descriptions heading tags alt tags on images backlinks website reputation There are a […]