Marketing During Covid-19: 5 Strategies to Use Right Now

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marketing during covid 19

Part of our Moving Business from Survive to Thrive series … this week I’m giving you five specific strategies you can and should be using in your marketing right now (plus a huge tip at the end about how you can pivot to selling online). Pivot Your Messaging Marketing during COVID-19 means you need to consider your messaging during COVID-19. This pandemic has impacted people on a very personal level, even if they haven’t contracted the virus. That stress can be at an unconscious / […]

The Importance of Marketing to Your Customers Where They Are

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With 7 Mini Marketing Case Studies One of the most common marketing strategies we always encourage our clients to undertake is making sure that they market to their customers and prospects where they already are. This is actually the very basis of “guerilla marketing” (not to be confused with gorilla marketing), a term coined by Jay Levinson in some of his books relating to the topic, in which companies use inventive ways to present a message. This strategy has actually continued to change and evolve […]

Do I Really Need (Fill in the Blank) for my Business Marketing?

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I get SO many questions about marketing a business that are along the lines of: “I am working with a marketing coach and she said I must start using Pinterest for my business. I’ve never even been on Pinterest, do I really have to be using it?” “I am working with a social media guru and she said I must start doing a live video at least once a day on my business page. I hate being on video, but I’ve tried a few but […]

Video Marketing Course

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Quickly – and expertly – plan, produce, and post 12 or more marketing videos for your business by completing the activities in this 8-week course. This course was developed through the years of having my own cable television talk show, producing and editing videos, working with clients on their television shows, working with clients on their video marketing, and much more. My insider tips and best practices are all shared – including some processes and systems that I developed specifically for my own clients. Video […]

Why Our Brains Love Video Marketing Content

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video marketing

Video marketing content is king, and there’s a good reason: we just love watching videos. That’s what makes video content such a killer when it comes to education, training, or marketing. But do you know why we’re all such suckers for good video content? The truth is that our brains just can’t get enough of it. She Blinded Me With Science Neurologists have discovered that human beings are practically hard-wired to take in information visually. In fact, when it comes to processing speed, the brain […]

Five Tips for Writing Great Video Scripts

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Videos are KEY pieces of marketing strategy today.  Social media users prefer video over images and text, which is evident when you check your analytics and insights (and it has also been proven by multiple studies). Developing your video doesn’t have to be hard work.  We have tips on how to develop a whole selection of topics for your marketing videos. In this part of our video marketing series, we are discussing video scripts for those of you who are desiring the most polished option […]

Two Tips on How to Add Video Marketing to Your Strategy

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Quality video content is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and beneficial marketing tools available. The reason why videos are so good for marketing is that the format transcends different media and allow creators to include different narrative components, such as audio, visuals, text and more. Read on to learn more about two helpful tips on how to use video marketing! Make it easy to share If your videos are easy to access, you will have better chances to engage people and entice them to […]

[ONLINE COURSE] Video Marketing Planning

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This video marketing planning online training walks you through our easy process developed to make it simple for clients to quickly and efficiently plan and produce 16 or more videos to use for their video marketing purposes. This is the first course we have uploaded in a multi-course bundle that will teach you what you need to know to boost your videos to the next level, and allow you to enact strategies for your videos that will boost your consistency and professionalism as well as […]