[FLASH] Google SEO Algorithm Updates November 2019

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marketing flash briefing

Marketing FLASH briefing – there was a BIG impact this week around SEO … I’ll tell you what it is and if you need to worry. Around November 8th, Google pushed out an algorithm update that has hit people with the biggest impact since the 2012 Penguin update (remember how that one impacted your site?); and is said to be the biggest update to how sites are ranked since the RankBrain update in 2015. I always recommend that website owners don’t freak out and start […]

How to Work With Your Graphic Designer or Web Designer

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communicating with your designer

When you’re working with a designer, whether it’s graphic design, website design, design for a mobile app, or almost anything else, there are some communication shortcuts that can speed up the design process. What tends to happen is that there is a lot of back and forth, you give input, the designer makes changes, you give more input, and it can go through several rounds of revisions before even getting to a spot where you feel like you’re beginning to see your vision. But it […]