If you have never edited your Facebook business page template, or have not done so in a while, Facebook’s most recent update means you need to review your settings now.

Those who admin a Facebook business page likely received notice via a popup and an email that the template for your page would be changing on in August 2018.  If you didn’t click the email or message, your page would automatically update.

Changes have been rolling out this past week (week of August 20) and had a deadline that varied slightly for each business page.  We’ve had notices on client pages with changes every day August 20 to 24.

Facebook noted what template you were using, and the new recommended one.  The recommendation is based upon their algorithms determining what type of business you have.  They’re usually pretty accurate, but sometimes they can be wrong.

Also, even when they are correct, the new template may have some sections that are appropriate for your type of business, but that you have not set up yet.  An example of this would be a restaurant, which has a “menu” tab in the template, if you have not yet added a menu to Facebook.  This would mean if Facebook switched you to the restaurant template, and customers are clicking on your menu tab, it’s blank – and they are disappointed.

Some businesses also choose not to have some sections show on their page, or the tabs to be shown in a different order.

In any case, you will want to edit your template NOW to provide your customers and prospects the best experience.

If you had already customized your Facebook page template, and want to keep your settings, it’s important to click the message, which will take you to this screen:

You will want to choose “Keep My Existing Template” to retain your customizations.

If you have never customized your template, or you missed doing the above step before the deadline, now is a great time to check and make sure that Facebook’s changes are what you want, and customize where needed.

It’s really easy to do, plus a great way to customize your page to make sure the information you want to provide viewers is available and showcased in the order you want.

Navigate to your Facebook business page (this is easier to do on a PC than a phone)

  1. Click on Settings at the top right
  2. Select Edit Page
  3. Select edit template
  4. Choose your desired template

The template options are similar, varying slightly in the layout of which tabs are shown in the left column and call-to-action button at the top under the cover image.

Whichever template you choose, you still have a lot of control over personalizing it for your business.  You can customize the order of the tabs, and choose which ones are visible and turn off those you do not want.  All of this is available in the section you are editing in the steps above.

Here is a breakdown of the preset template options that are currently available:

  • Standard – standard format is what most pages had been defaulted to.
  • Services – designed to help people find your services and get in touch.
  • Shopping – designed to assist in selling items online.
  • Business – designed to help you manage your business, including areas for special offers and job postings.
  • Venues – highlight information like your venue’s hours, location, and upcoming events.
  • Movies – designed to highlight showtimes.
  • Nonprofit – designed to encourage people to fundraise for and donate to your nonprofit.
  • Politicians – specifically designed for campaigns.
  • Restaurants & Cafes – designed to highlight your menu, hours, location and photos.
  • Video page – designed to highlight video content on your page.