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Announcements, such as closings for holidays and vacations, will appear here.

Upcoming Holidays

Office will be closed week of Nov. 22, and Dec. 20 to Jan. 3 to provide our team some much-needed family time.  Work on scheduled projects will continue during this time.  Messages and emails may have delayed response, and appointment times unavailable.

Contacting Us

There are multiple ways you can connect with us.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected] (please be sure to add both of those to your email contact list so that you can receive messages from us.)

We prefer email for all non-emergency communication so that we have documentation of your project needs.

Text: emergencies only, 512-591-8295

Emergencies would including something like your entire website going down. For all other needs, we prefer to track via email.

Chat: if you see the chat icon on the bottom right of our website, you can leave a message for us. If we have team online we will likely respond immediately, but please include your name and email so we can respond if we are offline.

Appointments: schedule an appointment below. If you have hourly services, your appointment time may count towards those packages.

Project email: if you have been provided with a special project email address, please send your To-Do items to this email address to ensure that your tasks do not get lost in cyberspace. Please do not send non-task emails to this address. Not all projects will have a special project email.


SEO Clients:  access your SEO Reporting and Audit Tool here:

Social Media Clients:  access your Scheduling and Reporting Tool here:

Schedule an Appointment

Use the Client Appointment Scheduler to schedule an appointment directly on our calendar. 

Not a client yet? You can schedule here.

Whenever we speak directly with you, we always want to make sure that we are free of other distractions and can focus solely on our discussion.

To remain most efficient, which means we can serve you best, all appointments should be scheduled directly through our scheduler.  This limits the back and forth emails that we would otherwise both need to do to schedule, and blocks out our time for you solely.

During your appointment time, we close email, turn off our phone, so we can remain free of distractions.

We realize not everyone enjoys technology, and promise you that scheduling an appointment this way is super easy for you to do.

You will receive an automatic email confirmation with your appointment information.

Client Portal

This is the spot where you can access your proposal, Scope of Work, invoices, documents we have uploaded for you, forms to complete, where you can upload images and documents.

Your Client Portal is activated within a couple of days of your project start (after your proposal/contract etc is completed).

You will log in using your email address and the temporary password that we email to you once your portal is active.


We want to serve you as thoroughly as possible, and maintain the personal hands-on focus on your project, without the high expense that would be passed along to you if we were an on-call agency.

None of our projects currently entail staff devoted 40 hours per week to only one client. This means they may not always be able to pick up the phone or immediately respond to messages. Because of this, we have outlined the best way for us to stay connected throughout your project in some of our notes above.

Obviously, the initial phase of any project likely will require use to stay in contact a bit more frequently than later ongoing project needs will require. More frequent initial communication does not mean that the same frequency of communication will need to be maintained throughout your entire project for ongoing projects. We focus on using your time, and your project time, as efficiently as possible.

We usually respond to messages by the next business day, although if you have not heard from us please follow up since its possible our message may not have made it through.

Note that we highly value our team members since we select only the best, and that also means we highly value their personal time. We do not normally work evenings, weekends or holidays, and projects that require those hours may incur an upcharge to cover overtime.