Welcome to Business Startup Marketing Mastermind!

We are excited to have you join us and your peers on this journey.

Here is what you need to do now:

  1. Request to join our Facebook Brilliance Bar Marketing Group by clicking here: Brilliance Bar Marketing Group
  2. Gather a folder, binder, or other type of item where you can keep all pieces of this project together. This can become your professional marketing plan which you may find useful in many aspects of your business.
  3. Be looking for your first lesson email which should arrive in a few hours.
  4. Set aside some time every week to work on the projects.

Here is what you can expect:

Weekly you will receive an email with the link to your next project/module, what it covers, and a link to access the topic.  You will have a week to complete the project before the next one arrives.

What you will need to do:

Each week, complete the assignment in the module.  Many will include step-by-step how-to videos that walk you through setting up strategic pieces of your marketing program.

The website will contain items you need to download, video walk-through of the project for the week, plus when applicable additional resources on helpful related topics you may want to explore.

What you can expect from us:

Accountability:  A few days after the module email arrives, we will follow up with you via email to see how you’re progressing and if you need any assistance.

Assistance:  When you have questions, you can comment in the course module and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Sometimes your peers may even respond and offer their help. You can also send an email using the link in the module and we will answer as quickly as possible depending upon question volume.  For those times you choose to have someone do a project for you, we also offer information on accessing those services at a very competitive and discounted rate from our team of freelancers.