Cool Things We Can Help You Do for Marketing on Facebook

Have you seen other businesses do these things on Facebook and wonder how you can too?

We can help!  We are experts at emerging digital marketing strategies including some of the newest features and integrations available on Facebook.

Here are just a few ideas and examples:

  1. Add a popup Messenger chat bot to your website – check out mine on any page at
  2. Put your Facebook page reviews on your website (WordPress and others) – check out an example at
  3. Add a profile frame that others can use – check my personal profile and the frame from my beach house page at
  4. Add a cover video to your business page – you can see an example at
  5. Make a full-blown Messenger chat bot that can gather information, ask questions, automate messages (the possibiilties are almost endless) – check out an example here:

When you’re ready to discuss the possibilities, contact us for a free marketing consultation.


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