Develop Your Marketing Plan for Business Growth in 2021

annual marketing planning

When’s the best time to plan for 2020? Now!

 We’re helping clients gear up for a growth-oriented 2020!  And we have three options developed with you in mind.

Do It Yourself

Video Training: Planning Your 2020 Digital Marketing (FREE)

annual marketing planning

If you’re already solidly comfortable with using social media, and you already have an overall marketing strategy and direction but just need to know a super-efficient way to put it all together.

You will have access to the actual planning calendar we use (for ourselves plus our clients).


  • Downloadable Excel template that you can use and customize for your needs (updated for 2020) … we have a tab for each client!
  • Walk-through of exactly how to work the planning process daily, weekly, monthly and annually
  • Link to a free social media audit if you want to get some quick professional insightsPlus links to select additional resources

Group Training to Help You Get it Done 

#marketU Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

social media marketing bootcamp

Tired of the BS you’re feeling with some of these online marketing programs that make big promises but turn out to be empty?

Like one of our followers said, “What bothers me most is 95% of these people do NO measurement of success except for how many ‘suckers’ they get to pay their exorbitant fees. No measurement – no deep dive into who finds success and why with their program – it’s obvious because they never offer solid data on their ‘programs’ and most of them have the exact same ‘soundtrack’ almost just in a different voice.”

We’ve been feeling that too – for years – which is why we’ve put our thousands of hours of research and experience into developing #marketU

This client above went on to say, “One ‘hawker’ bragged about the 6000 people who have completed their program for $1999. I asked for some data on what those 6000 are doing now. How many are actually using the program 1 year, 2 years later? Who met their goals or achieved their vision in that time frame? Needless to say the only thing he could offer was a couple of testimonials. Wow. I appreciate you and your integrity. Thank you.”

We know that isn’t what you need from your digital marketing.You need to know the tactics, the how to, to make those improvements to your business’s online presence and how to coordinate everything to work together seamlessly.You need to know easy ways to focus your efforts so that you’re not spending too much time or money.More importantly, you need to understand how to focus those strategies to turn into paying customers.#marketU teaches you the processes and best strategies that we have used with thousands of clients over the years to grow their business to millions and billions.

And we teach you how to personalize those strategies to work efficiently and effectively with your unique business by providing the training you need.  We teach you, we check in together every week, we strategize, we answer questions … basically it’s like having your own personal marketing team at your fingertips.

Rent a CMO

One-on-One, Full Formal Marketing Strategy and Planning

Those clients who are really committed and focused on their growth also understand that they are at a point where they need an even higher level of strategy to achieve the next level. 

We have a very limited number of spots left for those who want the type of one-on-one deep-level marketing strategies developed for their organization that will be uniquely designed for their business.

Because these strategy programs are time intensive, we limit the number of total spots available so that we can focus on YOU to help you generate a highly analyzed and unique strategy. 

As the end of our sessions, your business will have a full, digital version of a formal marketing plan.  Formal marketign plans are often required for businesses that are seeking funding through bank loans, venture capitalists, and other sources.  This is the same level of functional marketing plan that we have developed for hundreds of 6-figure and 7-figure businesses.

In addition to the full formal marketing plan, you receive multiple additional pieces as needed for your particular needs, that are designed for more information daily use; including audits of your existing market presence, competitor analysis, and one-pagers that you/staff can use to implement the strategies developed – plus access to an entire team of marketing VAs to assist with your implementation if needed, or recommendations on how to use outsourced contractors most effectively.

Only 3 SPOTS remain for this program at the end of 2019 to help you prepare for growth in 2020.

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