Do I Need to Apply for Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging?

apply for facebook messenger chat messaging

Our clients who are just getting into Facebook Messenger chatbots have been somewhat confused by the recent requirement by Facebook to apply to be able to send some types messages.

Not all businesses will need to send messages in the one category that this application process covers.

Facebook Messenger chat bot marketing can be a great benefit. If you’ve been exploring the idea or are already using some form of Messenger chatbots already, you probably already know that Facebook made a change a while back where you are now required to apply for non-promotional subscription messaging.

Not all businesses need to do this. Yours may not, and I hope to help you clarify whether you need to worry about this.

apply for facebook messenger chat messaging

What Types of Chat Messages Require Approval

Facebook lets you send unpaid Messenger chats (even automated ones) without needing approval in most circumstances. You can send both promotional and non-promotional messages within the first 24 hours of users opting into your Messenger chat, during which you can send unlimited updates. After that, you can send non-promotional updates, plus one additional promotional follow up. This is called the 24+1 rule and is considered standard messaging.

There are 17 different types of messages you can send in Facebook Messenger and only one requires specific approval plus another one that you have to pay for. All of the others are available for any business at any time, with no cost. So your business doesn’t necessarily need to apply for anything.

The non-promotional subscription message is the only one that requires specific Facebook approval. You can request this approval by going to your page settings, scrolling down to Messenger Platform, under Advanced features you will see the Subscription Messaging area and you will be able to click Request. The application process is straightforward but we do have a couple of tips we will share in a moment.

Chat messages you can send in Messenger without needing approval:

You do not need approval to send a Promotional Message – this is a paid feature; you are paying for this much like an ad. These are messages designed to get you leads and get you business. Other than processing your payment, they do not require this other approval process.

Then there is a whole list of other categories and types of messages that businesses can use without needing to apply for this approval:

  • community alert
  • event attendee reminder
  • pairing update
  • application update
  • account update
  • payment update
  • personal finance update
  • shipping update
  • reservation update
  • issue resolution
  • appointment update
  • game update
  • transportation update
  • feature functionality update
  • ticket update

Non-Promotional Subscription Updates

This is the only category (currently at least) of Facebook Messenger that requires specific approval.

There are three general types of non-promotional subscription updates:

  • Most businesses fall into the News category – sharing industry news, which may include your own articles or sharing other things from your industry.
  • Productivity – such as an app with a to do list.
  • Personal trackers – fitness tracking, food tracking, etc.

The application process is simple and straightforward. You need to make sure that your request is very specific and that the person viewing it (because it will be a human) understands that you are not doing promotional types of broadcasts in that setting.

You also need to include a couple of specific examples, and be sure you are not including a link back to your website; you would want to put generic “visit our website to read more” or something similar.

If you aren’t sending this type of message, you don’t even need to worry about applying for this non-promotional subscription messaging.

Have you already applied for Facebook Messenger’s non-promotional subscription messaging? Have a question as to whether or not you even need to apply? Drop your comments below.

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