Facebook Group Marketing Guidebook

Our Facebook Group Marketing Guidebook takes the professional experience from several of the Facebook marketing experts on our team and gathers best practices, tips, and post ideas into one easy document that makes the perfect companion to our 21-Day Facebook Group Challenge.

Almost 50 pages with the initial section set up as a workbook so that you can plan your strategy, working you through:

  • Defining Your Goals – important so that your group does what you need it to!
  • Encouraging Engagement

The second portion of the guidebook has hundreds of suggestions for content.  You could copy one per day and

  • Content – over 25 pages of content suggestions with over 50 content ideas – use one a day or you can repeat them
  • The big list of prompts – over 100 prompts you can use directly as posts to encourage engagement
  • Expanding your group – tried and true strategies
  • Getting help as your group grows (you’ll need it!)

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