Entrepreneur Interview: Khara Marie, Career Clarity and Confidence Coach

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Khara Marie is a Career Clarity and Confidence Coach. Khara empowers women to find clarity in their career path and transition to experiencing more passion in their job choice so that they can love what they do or embrace a change.

Khara will share the 3 pillars of going from day-job to DREAM job which include 1) Finding your VOICE, 2) Getting clear on your VISION and 3) Raising your VIBRATION so you can wake up feeling inspired each and every day.

Get in touch with Khara at https://www.kharamarie.com

or in her Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/purposefullposse

Show Notes

00:00 Welcome
1:20 Professional women seeking more clarity around their career path
2:11 passionate and purpose-driven women who get to a place where they aren’t feeling the passion and excitement in their work
3:30 how I felt that same lack of joy and why
4:40 how the pandemic and people losing their job can awaken what’s really inside
5:30 how it ties into planning for retirement
6:50 putting yourself into a b-o-x by getting a new j-o-b
7:15 why Khara didn’t take the job she was offered
8:45 you’re “supposed” to apply for a job
10:17 Khara’s biggest marketing issues when she first started her business
11:12 climbing up the ladder only to find out it was against the wrong wall
11:30 how Khara’s marketing needs have changed – she needs more marketing help
12:17 Khara said this piece of marketing should be SO easy but it trips her up every time
13:00 what she knew was wrong with her events, and how she fixed it
The biggest takeaway if you hear nothing else:
13:40 should you move forward when everything isn’t perfect?
14:25 constant iterations of improvement
15:20 how the pandemic has impacted her business
18:00 the need to pivot in-person events
19:45 what Khara wishes someone had told her about entrepreneurship before she started
22:05 things that don’t work are simply data collection
22:20 what Vicky hopes all new entrepreneurs always remember
22:40 “I set up my website a week ago and no one has bought anything yet”
23:30 Khara’s three pillars of women seeking career clarity and confidence
24:10 Voice
25:00 Vision
26:05 Vibration
27:55 how you take care of your inner critic
30:10 for new beginning entrepreneurs, what are my top 3 marketing tips that will result in the best bang for their buck
30:45 first – the worst marketing advice I’ve ever heard others give a new entrepreneur, why it’s bad advice, and why it’s SO important to do it right
35:05 which platform or social media to start your marketing on first
36:10 why it’s so important to work on your brand strategy or overall marketing strategy before you go hire a virtual assistant
39:00 if you didn’t already do these three things, it’s not too late
39:45 what my 3 marketing tips spurred Khara to go do now
41:30 what I regularly check in my own marketing
44:15 how we’re not meant to do this alone
45:00 what doing a search on Google feels like
45:30 abundance mentality
46:15 getting in touch with Khara

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