Entrepreneur Interview: Shauna Leigh Van Mourik with Shauna Leigh Artistry

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Shauna Leigh Van Mourik with Shauna Leigh Artistry – refining your message to create copy that converts.

Shauna will be sharing some tips that have helped her in business and can help you refine your message.

  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shauna-van-mourik-56a90786/
  • Website: https://www.shaunaleighartistry.com
  • Instagram: @shaunaleigh.artistry

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Welcome Shauna Leigh Van Mourik with Shauna Leigh Artistry
  • 00:12 Helping businesses refine their message to create copy that converts
  • 00:20 Why good copy is important
  • 00:40 Static copy like web pages and why you need to revisit those
  • 01:15 Shauna was told writing isn’t lucrative, so what she did instead
  • 02:15 How business has changed and grown, and what she didn’t know at first
  • 02:49 What made the big impacts on her business
  • 03:30 How her role as CEO is different
  • 03:45 And why that mindset shift is so important
  • 04:07 The distinct shift
  • 04:20 Biggest marketing issues when starting out – so many entrepreneurs have this same issue
  • 05:02 One of the realities that some B2B entrepreneurs forget
  • 06:15 How Covid, and normal business growth, have changed her business
  • 06:45 One of the silver linings of 2020 for our business
  • 08:10 Why even PPC advertising is doing better in 2020
  • 09:20 What Shauna wishes someone had told her before she became an entrepreneur
  • 10:25 My own big problem – that’s marketing related – even though I do marketing for a living!
  • 12:20 What I’ve learned about prospects saying no 13:00 Shauna’s tip – it starts personal and gets bigger
  • 13:20 You never want to listen to the inlaws … or do you?
  • 15:00 If you don’t nail it the first time, do this
  • 15:25 One of my favorite quotes that helps me move forward
  • 16:00 What happens if you keep waiting for everything to be perfect before starting
  • 16:50 Shauna’s favorite quote – and exactly the philosophy we use for marketing
  • 17:50 Shauna’s question about marketing – what is marketing strategy? Is it just a “buzz word”?
  • 18:25 Start by doing anything!
  • 19:00 Once you have your marketing going, what you need to do next
  • 19:20 What happens if you Google “what marketing strategy should I use in my business?”
  • 20:15 One of the biggest problems I see a lot of entrepreneurs experience
  • 21:00 Where you should start
  • 21:15 What you should look at next
  • 21:27 Example – if this happens to you, say no
  • 22:05 The third step
  • 22:30 How much money they make a year …
  • 23:15 Why it’s actually sometimes better to wait on your marketing strategy
  • 23:30 An example of why it’s important to wait

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