Friday means it’s the marketing question of the week!
Q. What other sites besides 21online,, Facebook (social media), & can we post open houses on?
A. So I was going to do a video today but I’ve lost most of my voice, so you get a POST instead!
This question was asked by one of our agents at CENTURY 21 Judge Fite, but my answer actually applies a bit broadly to ANY type of activity you are doing (but I’ll touch specifically upon open houses).
You will always get the most response by posting something where people will already be looking for that type of post.
For homes, you always want the main home selling websites, which you’ve got covered.
And social media is an obvious choice – you control it, and it’s free (unless you decide to boost your post, which we can talk about in another Q&A).
If I were going to add only one or two (I never recommend adding more at first – things need to become a habit before you go further), here’s what I would do:
1 – Craigslist. While it can be the BANE of real estate agents because of all the scammers who post homes for rent which are really only for sale and then scam the “renter” out of money – the reason scammers go to Craigslist is because people are using it.
So I would post my open house there. And as a bonus, Craigslist can use images and even html code, so you can make your ad really stand out. And for the majority of posts, it’s still free.
2 – Eventbrite. It’s already set up as a platform for people who are looking for things to do in the area, but not a lot of agents are using it for open houses (businesses do when they hold their “open house”). So you won’t get lost in a ton of clutter. Plus for events you aren’t charging for, the post is free.
Since a lot of agents aren’t doing it yet, there’s also not a lot of data on response rate, but may be worth trying, especially for upscale homes, ranches, or anything a bit out of the ordinary.
BONUS tip: Make sure you point EVERY open house post you do to the same website, and ideally YOUR website. Whenever you point prospects to a more general website, such as Zillow, Trulia, or even, you are potentially pointing them away to another agent if they choose to explore more properties!
Have a question of your own? Look for the post next Monday asking for questions which will be answered next Friday!