How can I afford a great website for my business?

I get asked this question all of the time

How can I afford a great website for my business?

And that questions is quickly followed up by other concerns small businesses have …

  • I don’t know how to set a website up
  • I don’t know how to keep a website updated
  • I don’t have the skill to write html or other code for a website
  • I don’t have design experience to make a website look pretty
  • I just don’t have the time to learn all of these things I need to know to make a great website for my business

Or …

A small business has built a website in-house, but they realize an expert could make it look better.  Or they realize their staff has sales to close and products or services to provide – which is where their skills lie – and would rather outsource the website to someone whose skills lie there.

Then I have a group of small business owners who have a good website that they’ve outsourced to a website company, but because that outsource company didn’t discuss in depth all of the options available (and maybe not even what the business actually needs), the business is paying SO MUCH for their website that it’s a ridiculous part of their marketing budget, when it doesn’t have to be.

Some businesses need a more expensive website.  Maybe they require custom programming to get some of the functionality critical to their business.  Or maybe they have so much regular content updating that it will cost some more to access that service.  Most of these come with an annual (or longer) contract – and that’s a great option for those businesses whose needs require this type of service.

But most small business I’ve met aren’t quite to that point yet.  They need a basic website that is attractive and has functionality but nothing that requires unique programming.

There are great options for website that don’t break a business’ marketing budget.

Some of these websites can be set up with free hosting, only the annual cost of the personal domain name (which can be as low as $12/year!), and small budget to work through the initial setup.  And instead of a big ongoing contract, the business can just pay by the project for future website updates they may need.

Here’s some samples of the possibility these very low-cost websites offer:


There are also website available that have a few more modifications, such as customized themes, or some additional functions built into the front end that the customer sees, or the back end that the business uses. Even these websites don’t have to go over budget.  There are very affordable options for budget-friendly websites that have paid hosting plus some additional services provided during setup, and ongoing monitoring.  These can be a very cost-effective website option for your business.

Here’s some examples of the possibilities these affordable websites provide:


Websites, like most marketing, are never one size fits all, and you want to talk to a company that can listen to what your business actually needs, determine which features your website will need to have to meet those needs, and offer you a solution to meet those needs within your budget.

If you’d like to discuss what capabilities your website may need  and what type of website will offer that at the best cost for your budget, book a free strategy call now and we can walk through your needs and discuss alternatives.  Book your session now at


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