How to Build a WordPress Website [ONLINE COURSE]

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Take advantage NOW of our step-by-step training on exactly how to set up and run your own WordPress website.

No more being held hostage by hosting platforms or designers who want to charge you to make all of the changes you need, or who threaten you that you will lose your website if you don’t keep paying their fees.

Learn step-by-step every piece of the process to set up WordPress on your own hosting platform, add a theme of your choice and customize it to match your brand, add pages and posts, make updates as needed, and more!

Walk through with us as we take you through the steps to build your website – using plain English that even the most technologically-challenged entrepreneur can understand!

You will learn the best tips and strategies we have gathered from over a decade of developing WordPress websites for hundreds of companies.

PLUS, you will receive exclusive access to my team to provide you tech support as you work through the course.  It’s not only generic questions – we can log into your website and help you make the fixes you need.

Find you need some professional help during the process?  Connect to our team of VAs for copywriting, graphic design, setup, or other pieces – at very affordable rates.

Your website.

You own it.

You make the rules.

You never have to lose it.

No one can take it away from you.

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Who This Training is For

  • You are a small business owner or entrepreneur who either wants to start a website, revamp your existing website, or move your website from your current provider
  • You had someone else set up your website, but you don’t understand enough to keep from breaking the site, uploading dangerous plugins, or getting a virus
  • You are a small business or entrepreneur who wants to get off Etsy but don’t know how
    • By the way … it costs more to run your average Etsy shop than to build a website with us!
  • You want to get your website off of Wix, Squarespace, or somewhere else you don’t actually own or have full control over your website
  • You don’t want to fall into the trap of having a web host hold your website hostage, or a web designer who keeps your website after you cancel and sells it to someone else!  (Yes, this really happens!)
  • You want to be able to tap into more automation than is available with some other website builders
  • You don’t want to spend too much on your website, but don’t know how much is too much
  • You can’t afford to hire a programmer to do it, and don’t want to hire someone overseas
  • You have heard that good website builders require ridiculous fees – which doesn’t have to be the case
  • You want to make sure your website is unique with your own branding and not a cookie cutter that looks like everyone else

Who this course is for | What you will learn | Bonuses! | Knowledge required | FAQ | Return to top

What you will learn:

  1. Beginning with the end in mind – before you even start, we walk through what you want your website to do, and to include
  2. Initial Setup – a domain and a host
  3. The WordPress admin dashboard
  4. Choose, Install and Customize Theme
  5. Installing Plugins
  6. Integrations
  7. Important scripts to install
  8. Understanding Pages and Posts
  9. Adding privacy policies
  10. Adding menu
  11. Widgets
  12. Page and Post styling with new WordPress editor
  13. Adding and Optimizing Images
  14. Customizing areas through CSS
  15. Implementing basic SEO
  16. Adding Automations

Who this course is for | What you will learn | Bonuses! | Knowledge required | FAQ | Return to top


  1.  Add a free chat popup that integrates with Facebook Messenger on your business page
  2. Lead generation system, understanding marketing funnels and the importance of calls to action
  3. Maintenance, security, backup training module

Who this course is for | What you will learn | Bonuses! | Knowledge required | FAQ | Return to top

Knowledge Required

While we will walk you through items step-by-step, plus you will have access to our support team of VAs, you need to know a few basics:
  • How to copy and paste text
  • How to navigate to a folder onyour computer
  • How to upload a photo or file using a browse button
  • How to start, stop, pause, rewind online videos so that you can most easily follow along

Who this course is for | What you will learn | Bonuses! | Knowledge required | FAQ | Return to top

Register Now!

This low price won’t last long!

Years ago, I was selling similar websites for over $2,000.  Quotes for similar websites on freelance sites are going for over $5,000.  And that price doesn’t include all of the things you receive with this course! I’ve spent thousands of hours gathering knowledge, information, best practices, and experience – not to mention designing the course – and if you paid me only $1 per hour, the cost would be over $5,000!  My business coach said I would be crazy to offer this course for less than what I currently charge for designing these types of WordPress websites – which is $2,500. But just for the early birds, you can get this special rate of a one-time payment of $397, or 3 payments of $145.
  • Full lifetime access
  • Future updates – be notified via email
  • Complete step-by-step modules
  • Additional workbooks, videos, articles and resources
  • Over $1,000 worth of bonuses and additional training
  • Support from our team on our private Facebook group
  • Access to additional support at a special reduced rate from the website and VA team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there going to be additional costs?

You will be responsible for purchasing your own domain name/URL, and purchasing your own hosting plan.  This is a best practice that we always recommend, so that your business owns full control over these two very important items.  You will receive an email before class ever begins with links on exactly where, and complete walk-throughs of exactly how, you can purchase these two items.  Our links will point you to where can find domains around $12 per year which is the going rate for standard names, and hosting around $50 or less per year.  These costs are standard and basic – even if you hired a web developer and they paid these costs for you without you realizing it, they are included in their overall cost – but you don’t want someone else buying those for you and this article explains why.

Can I take this class if I already have a website set up?

Absolutely!  If you currently have a WordPress website – built by yourself or someone else – there is still a TON of very helpful information you will learn – including ways to improve your existing website, implement some easy SEO, and keep your site safe and secure.  If you have a website on a different platform that you want to move to WordPress, this training is the perfect option for you!

Does this training include setting up my website to sell online?

This training will show you a quick and easy method to add clickable images, links and buttons that can collect payments using PayPal, Stripe, Square or another vendor.  WooCommerce training is available as an optional add-on and recommended for businesses that are going to sell more than just a couple of very basic items.  One of our initial trainings walks through the difference, and you can add this on at any time.

What if I can’t work as fast as everyone else?

Not a problem!  This course is self-paced, so you will be able to complete the steps at your own speed.  We do recommend, to be able to complete your website as soon as possible, that you set a goal of a certain number of hours you plan to devote to your project each week – and then stick to it!  Remember, we are showing you the setup, but you will have work you will also have to do on your own (such as copywriting).

What if I need help?

You have multiple options for help as you go through the course.  Our team is ready to offer basic technical support here, via email, or on our Facebook group.  Additionally, if you want to pull in some experts at any step of the way, you have access to our team of Virtual Assistants and a special reduced rate, who can help you with things such as designing graphics, copywriting, search engine optimization, and even helping edit or build portions of your site.  Our goal is to make sure that your website can get up and running.

When will the next class start?

We will announce the next class here on this page; on our Facebook business page; and via email.  Connect with us in any of those locations to stay updated.

Other questions?

Ask your question below or chat with us using the popup on this website (blue lightning bolt icon in a chat bubble on the bottom right of this page).

Who this course is for | What you will learn | Bonuses! | Knowledge required | FAQ | Return to top

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