How to Craft a Media Strategy That Attracts Young Consumers

If your target market is primarily young consumers, you should tailor your media strategy specifically to their unique needs. In fact, this target market behaves differently than their older counterparts, so you won’t be able to use a one-size-fits-all approach and still have success. Here are some tips to craft a successful media strategy for your young consumers.

Emphasize Your Values

The young customers of our modern era are searching for value-driven companies. These young consumers pay close attention to the values of the companies which they support. They want to know what your brand is doing to address the social and environmental issues they care about.

So, as you’re crafting your media strategy, make sure to emphasize your values. Be bold, authentic, and honest about what you stand for. Remember that these customers have access to a large amount of information about your company, so it’s important that you’re transparent in all your business dealings.


Video Marketing

Video leads to 80% more conversions than text content marketing. One reason for this is that it’s selling an experience, rather than a product. Millennial and Generation Z consumers are very tech savvy and watch a large amount of video content every day.

Many young consumers rate video as one of the most memorable forms of content. If you want to make your best first impression on a consumer, video is a great way to do so. Since young consumers’ attention spans are shorter than ever—many studies say they’re as short as 8 seconds—it’s important to use the fastest, most memorable method in your marketing strategy.



Many businesses have written off influencer marketing under the false belief that it’s ineffective and too expensive. Micro-influencers are a cost-effective and successful alternative to hiring major influencers.

Micro-influencers are much more engaged than major influencers. They’re genuine, relatable, and appear “normal” on social media while having a distinctive, powerful voice. They have a strong level of trust with their niche audiences, allowing them to deliver surprisingly high engagement rates. Many of your younger consumers interact with micro-influencers every day on social media. Using micro-influencers in your media strategy will increase the level of engagement your brand can have with potential customers.


A media strategy with an emphasis on values, video marketing, and micro-influencers will be most effective for your target market of young consumers. Don’t forget to use these effective tools as you craft your next media strategy.

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