How to Do Effective Marketing: for an Event Hosting Company

Businesses, organizations, and individuals host events for a variety of reasons, but there is one unifying motivation: they want a positive outcome. For this reason, most people rely on an event hosting company to take care of the planning and executing the details. In marketing for an event hosting company, it’s important to emphasize the company’s expertise, experience, and dependability. Here are a few ways to do so more effectively!

Develop Strong SEO

Many prospective clients will find an event hosting company through a web search, so it’s essential to develop strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Good SEO will increase the visibility of the company’s website and drive more traffic to the website.

Links that come up on the first page of search results are more likely to be clicked on. Most people don’t even bother looking at the second page. SEO strategies should be updated regularly. It’s also beneficial to frequently add fresh content to your website, especially quality content that answers people’s questions.

Show Past Work

A portfolio of past work not only assures potential clients that the company has experience, but it also gives them an idea of the range of work the event company can do. On the website, use photos of a variety of events, both in terms of size and purpose. This allows potential customers to envision what kind of event they want. To stand out from the competition, the company will want to stress how it stands out from its competitors.

Any past work that involves a high-profile client, an event on a large scale, or a uniquely-themed event should be highlighted. If any of these events were covered by the media, include links to those articles or videos.

Use Visuals on the Website

Photos on the website should highlight both the quality and success of the hosted events. Use a combination of closeups and long shots. Focus on details, such as a centerpiece or table setting, but also use photos of people enjoying themselves at the event. Professional portraits of the event hosting company’s staff add a personal touch.

Videos are also effective. Consider creating a timelapse video showing the process of setting up the event. This will give the clients an idea of the logistics involved and how the company pays close attention to details. A welcome video by the company’s owner or manager can also be a good marketing strategy.

Make Food Look Visually Appealing

Whatever the occasion or purpose of the event, one thing is for certain—there will be food. Clients will want to be assured the food will be high-quality, satisfying, and visually appealing. On the website, include photos of hors d’oeuvres, entrees, or buffets so the food will look its best. Close-up photos will show off the care you take to create a first-rate experience.

Good food presentation also includes proper plating and attention to detail that will increase the visual appeal. White plates and neutral shades of table linens will allow the colors and textures of the food to stand out. Toothpicks add detail to your food presentation that will impress people. Also, be sure to think about balance and symmetry; avoid overcrowding, either on the serving platter or on the table.

Explain the Details

People shopping for an event hosting company are probably in the early stages of planning. Some may be first-time customers who may not know the extent of available services. While photos will get their attention, the details may be the tipping point that persuades them to contact you. Emphasize what the company does that the competition does not. Include a bulleted list of services, but consider creating a separate web page for each key service. This allows you to go into more depth, offer choices or packages, and explain processes. As a bonus, separate pages with their own keywords will increase the SEO related to that specific service.

Include Testimonials

Word of mouth promotion works—not only in person but also online. Including testimonials from past satisfied customers can give potential clients assurance that they are hiring a company that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

The simplest way to get testimonials is to ask for them. As you reach out to the customer after the event, ask them what they would tell others about the service they received. Ask leading questions to prompt the client in providing the information you need. Be sure to ask permission to use the testimonial and/or the person’s name on your website.

Use Social Media Effectively

Social media is an increasingly visual experience. Amid the flow of a social media feed, a striking photo will stand out and attract people’s attention. While using stock images is better than no visuals at all, for optimal results, use original photos that show real events, people, and services. Don’t forget to include the company’s logo in each image.

Videos are also effective, but keep them very short. While photos make an instant impression, videos require people to stop and invest their time and effort into watching them. Many people watch videos without sound, so use closed captioning. Live Streaming is also an option, especially if it involves people, locations, or events that are notable or familiar.


These days, marketing has become personalized and interactive. Making a phone number or email address available isn’t enough. Customers want interaction. Luckily, the website and social media accounts make this easy to accomplish. Integrating a live chat feature on the website can be helpful for answering questions that clients may have. Live chat is also available on Facebook and other social media platforms. Responding to direct messages promptly is also essential. Ultimately, these can raise brand awareness and reputation.

Event hosting requires a personal connection between the company and the client, and the marketing strategy should reflect that. Prospective customers want to understand and visualize the services available to them, and they want to work with a company that is responsive and attentive. A well-crafted marketing strategy can show off the event company at its best.

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