How to Increase Your Social Media ROI

social media roi

In today’s online environment, it has become increasingly important for businesses to move online as well. However, you want your business’ debut on social media to further your business instead of being a hindrance. By focusing on increasing your return on investment, or ROI, you will see your business grow from your social media.

Track Your ROI

Much of the success from social media comes from knowing how to look at the data from the platforms and then using it to expand your marketing plan. Many platforms have analytic tools attached to business accounts where they automatically collect data from your profile. You can also see who your current audience is, where they are from, and what types of content they tend to gravitate towards. With that information, you can know what is working and what you must do to grow your following. Not everything you post will be a hit with your followers, but if you use your analytics and track your ROI, you will know what changes you need to make.

Free Social Media Audit

In this mini audit of your social media profile, we will review your posts to determine how client-focused and customer-friendly your social media profile is and provide basic recommendations.  

Increase Frequency of Engagement

The simple rule of social media is the more engagement, the better. The trick is you need to know how to grow your engagement. A good plan to start with is posting more frequently, which in turn gives your audience more opportunities to engage with your content. Frequent posts also help to boost your profile’s chances of being broadcasted to a new audience and new potential followers. However, just posting is not enough, you need to interact with your followers in the comments and through messages. Audiences love hyper-engagement, and you can capitalize on this factor for your business through social media. For example, your posts could include a question or an action item for your audience to interact with.

Partner with Other Businesses

Social media provides the perfect environment to network with other businesses. Partnerships are a mutually beneficial way for you and another business to grow and gain a larger audience. You can do this by finding another business with similar values or a similar target audience and reaching out to them. Often, businesses will promote each other by collaborating on giveaways or making sponsored posts on their profiles.  As a business, you can also swap tips and tricks from businesses you work with, strengthening your own brand in the process.

Your social media has the potential to transform your struggling small business to a business with loyal customers and consistent growth. You will be able to see how focusing on ROI can change your business and view on social media forever.

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