How to use Microsoft Word mailmerge to send personalized messages through Outlook [VIDEO]

Did you know that with the newer version of Microsoft Office, you can use the Microsoft Word email feature in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook to send out personalized email messages to people either in an Outlook distribution group, or from an Excel spreadsheet!

Check this quick how-to video: 

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  1. Open Word and create your message in Microsoft Word including any formatting, inserting photos, leaving spots for personalization
  2. Go to the Mailings tab to use the MailMerge feature
  3. Click start mail merge
  4. Choose email messages as the type
  5. Select data recipients data file, either an outlook contact group or spreadsheet
  6. Navigate to select the correct file
  7. Click on insert merge fields, and choose whichever items you want such as first name, last name, etc. and put them in their proper places in the document
  8. Go to Mailings tab
  9. Click finish and merge
  10. Choose send email messages (have Outlook open in background)
  11. Choose the field that has the email address in your data file
  12. Type a compelling subject line
  13. Choose to send to everyone, or which records to send to
  14. As soon as you click OK it will send your emails through Outlook

Quick and easy!

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